DJ Poor Ragged Rascal - Orlando, US

DJ Poor Ragged Rascal - Orlando, US

Name: Poor Ragged Rascal

Location: Orlando, FL

Occupation: DJ / Producer


I also go by PRR - I’m the creator of the podcast Black Market Funk on iTunes that has grown to over 70,000 downloads every episode. Black Market Funk is also a record label that serves to release my own tracks and occasionally other people’s music. Back in the day, Orlando had one of the most vibrant scenes in the world; some of the biggest DJs from across the pond came to live here because of it. Within the last year, in Orlando there has been an explosion in the electronic music scene again that could definitely rival the energy of the past.

What’s Your Strictly Rhythm?

I know I’m supposed to pick something deep and underground here. At the risk of sounding cliché I’d have to say Josh Wink’s Higher State of Consciousness… too many memories.

Music Scene:

Recent releases or remixes by local artists:

Alvaro Ernesto – Motel (Rob Slac Remix)
Q-burns Abstract Message – This Time (Charles Spencer Remix)
Nica Brooke, Atnarko – Solid Ground (Fred Everything Lazy Dub)
Dessy, Romano Arcaini, Atnarko - Never Go Away feat. Dessy (Chris Fortier’s 40oz Remix)
Doi-Oing – Blue (Sleezy McQueen’s Prog Disco Remix)
Devin Martin – Zombie Robot
Swamburger – Sun-Vibes (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
Beef Wellington – What You Laughing At (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
Pimp Daddy Nash – Jump, Jive & Wail (BMF Remix)

International DJ Scene:

This weekend we have the Electronic Daisy Carnival here in Orlando featuring talent Dirty South, Chris Lake, Afrojack, Funkagenda, Joaquin Bamaca, Crespo and DJ Dan. 

What’s your Strictly Rhythm?

Tiger Stripes – Snake Charmer

This track stands out for me with a slightly deeper and darker feel. The groove just drives you from the very beginning and the Middle Eastern vibes and instrumentation set your mind on course to be charmed.

My Scene:

Rob Slac of the Chillin Music label is playing at the brand new Orchid Lounge every Friday night. Insomniac and Smile for Camera usually throw bangin’ parties with solid talent. Two of my favorite places for a more intimate vibe are the Bikkuri Lounge and the Peacock Room. Bikkuri has a more modern Asian vibe and the Peacock Room is a cross between a biker bar and a wine bar. I’ll be playing at Peacock on June 29th, July 20th and Aug ust 3rd for the SummerCHILL series events. For more info, click here >>

As far as up and coming DJ’s from Orlando both Joey Paranoia and Winston Wolfe have weekly residences at Smile for Camera’s TAKEOVR and are playing the Electronic Daisy Carnival. Other notable DJ’s that have been holding down the scene since the beginning are Q-burns Abstract Message, Atnarko, Cliff T, BMF, Andy Hughes, and Kimball Collins.

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