Funkygraffish - Los Angeles, US

Funkygraffish - Los Angeles, US

Name: Funkygraffish

Location: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: DJ, Blogger, Film Maker, Producer

Online: Funkygraffish Blog, Facebook

My name is Cristian Rene Guzman I go by the DJ name Funkygraffish. The name was founded more than 10 years ago when I was deep into the art and graffiti movement of the 1990’s in Los Angeles. The name has stuck to me since - I used it to start a graffiti website which later on became a blog that me and a DJ-friend of mine Edwin Carrillo use to promote ourselves. We are playing at many clubs around the Los Angeles area right now and we are in the works of touring all throughout the United States. 

Music Scene:

Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)

Good surprise… Mark Knight remixing a Florence the Machine track is quite impressive. Great production value and creative sound coming from Toolroom Knights; I have been hearing it a lot in the club world. 

International DJ Scene:

A Serbian DJ Gramophonedzie performed on June the 8th. I missed out due to my busy schedule but I heard it was a night to not forget. Sander Kleinenberg from Netherlands and James Talk also came to perform at Avalon in Hollywood.

Strictly Scene:

Yasmeen and Danism – Rise (Main Mix) is one super hot release. I played it at Boogaloo Mountain Jam; once the vocals began the crowd knew it was going to be a great tune to listen on a mountaintop at 3am. Once it dropped the crowd could not stop – I thought about playing the song twice during my set.

My Scene:

I did an interview on Le Babar, a Belgium producer affiliated with 17:44 Rec which is owned by Bartosz Brenes. Le Babar sublevel is Groovetraxx. I interviewed him back in 2009 and now most of his releases are exclusive releases on Beatport and being played on BBC Radio 1. I also wrote a press release for 17:44 Rec.

Upcoming posts that will be posted on my blog:

  • 1. Interview with Dave Mayer and Dutchican Soul
  • 2. Raid Records Press Release
  • 3. Daisy Duke Car Wash Party on August 20 
  • 4. Update on Abhorrence Redesign of Movie Poster 


Festival Scene:

I have attended two festivals this year so far - on June the 18th I performed at the Make Music Pasadena in front of 30k people. I will be performing there next year as well - I am really looking forward to that.

I also performed at the Boogaloo Mountain Jam, which was a 3-day festival on a beautiful mountaintop in Lake Elsinore where you have the option to camp out on the site. It was a sold out event.

A few more festivals will be coming up this year, but two that I would really like to attend are the FYF Fest and the Pacific Festival O.C. Many great artists, for instance Death From Above 1979 will be performing at the FYF Fest and Cut Copy and Zoot Woman will be performing at the Pacific Festival O.C.

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