Cristian Guzman - Los Angeles, US

Cristian Guzman - Los Angeles, US

Name: Cristian Guzman aka Funkygraffish

Location: Los Angeles, US

Occupation: DJ / Blogger / Producer / Filmmaker

Online: Funkygraffish Blog, Facebook


My name is Cristian Rene Guzman I go by the DJ name Funkygraffish. The name was founded more than 10 years ago when I was deep into the art and graffiti movement of the 1990’s in Los Angeles. The name has stuck to me since - I used it to start a graffiti website which later on became a blog that me and a DJ-friend of mine Edwin Carrillo use to promote ourselves. We are playing at many clubs around the Los Angeles area right now and we are in the works of touring all throughout the United States.

Music Scene:

Laura Jones-Love in Me (Maceo Plex Remix)
Very bassy and deep, it makes people not realize that they are moving when they are.

Wattie Green-No Peace (Coyote Cuts)
Mark Farina played it at Monday Night Social on Jan 9th the track got people going.


International DJ Scene:

I was lucky enough to have Edwin Van Cleef perform at my last show. He came to the U.S. for his tour all the way from the UK. 


It was a great show that had Human Life’s Matt Wasley perform, Keenhouse of Binary, Goddollars of a Club Called Rhonda, Bixel Boys of DFM, and myself (FUNKYGRAFFISH). Thanks to rollingtuff for helping out of They contributed greatly and definitely are making things happen in the house scene.

Many international DJs are constantly playing; Erick Morrillo performed at the music box one night last month in December. Mark Knight will be performing at focus with NONFICTION, that show will be incredible. 

2011 In Review:

What was your music highlight of 2011?
My music highlight of 2011 might have to be the Format:B album that came out. I liked almost every track on the album. I also thought that my event was a highlight; I was the only person who had an L.A. show for Edwin Van Cleef. It was an honor to have him perform alongside all the other talents from the area. I was also lucky enough to photograph Riton and Codes at a Scion party. A few of my photos were shown on Danceism and other websites. I was also lucky enough to photograph another great event put together by Snapping House; Wattie Green, Corduroy Mavericks, Nonfiction, West Coast Collective, Mickey Velazquez and Hugh Cleal were there that night.

What was the big party of 2011?
There were many great club nights, Sacred Grounds had a great event with Strictly Rhythm talent, DJ PIERRE. I was lucky enough to photograph the event and I got many great photos of DJ PIERRE, DJ LOU and NONFICTION.

If you could see any DJ this year, who would it be?
I would love to see, Waif & Strays, Maceo Plex, Nick Jagger, POL_ON and many others.

What are you looking forward to in 2012?
I am looking forward to releasing tracks that are bumping, I just want to make people dance. I am also looking forward to bringing in more talent into the L.A. area; helping artists get discovered, guys who are making things happen. I am also looking forward to WMC 2012 in Miami. I am also excited to play more all over the US, and if I can get a show or two out of the country that would be awesome.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
My New Year's resolution is to release tracks, DJ all over the US and to throw more banging events for all the house heads in the L.A. area. Also to perform outside of the country and to direct as many short and feature length films as I can. I am also looking to become more and more creative.

My Scene:

A historic moment in house history was probably when I was at Monday Night Social with co-owner Hugh Cleal listening to Mark Farina’s first time playing there. Mark played 5 Coyote Cut tracks during his set, the crowd was going crazy.

On January 13th Hugh Cleal headlined, alongside Nico K. (Coyote Cuts, Disko Zoo), Dougal (L.A., F.A.M.I.L.Y.), PSYKHE, and myself (FUNKYGRAFFISH) at MR. T’s in L.A. 

flyer 2

Strictly Scene:

I would have to say that DJ Pierre of Strictly Rhythm had to be mentioned because of the experience I had at the last Sacred Grounds event for Halloween. DJ Pierre rocked the show. Here is an old school track, Strictly Rhythm all the way.

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