Cristian Guzman - Los Angeles, US

Cristian Guzman - Los Angeles, US

Name: Cristian Guzman aka Funkygraffish

Location: Los Angeles, US

Occupation: DJ / Blogger / Producer / Filmmaker

Online: Funkygraffish Blog, Facebook


My name is Cristian Rene Guzman I go by the DJ name Funkygraffish. The name was founded more than 10 years ago when I was deep into the art and graffiti movement of the 1990’s in Los Angeles. The name has stuck to me since - I used it to start a graffiti website which later on became a blog that me and a DJ-friend of mine Edwin Carrillo use to promote ourselves. We are playing at many clubs around the Los Angeles area right now and we are in the works of touring all throughout the United States.

Music Scene:

Here are the tracks I've been hearing all the DJs playing:






International DJ Scene:

Riton of Carte Blanche just played here, I was lucky enough to catch Riton and Codes perform at the Golden Golpher.

Here are some photos I shot of the event.

Other DJs that have been in town are:
Sharam at the Superclub on Nov. 15th.
Mark Knight at Monday Night Social on Nov. 13th.
Bass Kleph at the Vanguard on Nov. 18th.

Local Scene:

The event I threw on November 19th was definitely a hit. I had Viceroy, who just released his new EP SUNGAZE, headlining and Geisha Twins who have charted many times on Beatports Nu Disco/House Charts. Both artists are extremely talented and it was definitely packed at the Medusa Lounge where it was held.

Right now there is a big warehouse underground scene, which has been around for a long time, but there are more and more people hosting parties in warehouses. Most of the events are private parties where the space will not be disclosed till the day of the event. The parties get good talent and most of the venues come with really amazing sound systems.

Every Monday, Monday Night Social goes off and all the top leading DJs perform here. Tuesdays there is DIM MAK Studios, which is owned by Steve Aoki, and a side room hosted by THEM JEANS is now up and running. Thursdays La Cita nightclub in Downtown L.A. is usually good, more of an indie crowd yet some good talent comes in from time to time. Last time I went I got to catch a DJ set by Little Boots and Two Door Cinema Club. Fridays there is Control at Avalon and Departure at Vanguard. Saturdays there are so many clubs going on, Avalon is always a good place to go to. Sundays there is DRAI’s in Hollywood which also has some top DJs performing on a regular basis.

My Scene:

Check out Viceroy’s soundcloud, he is on tour from San Francisco and Geisha Twins soundcloud.

Both artists are heavily supported in the house music world.

Strictly Scene:

I was really surprised by the Strictly Rhythm release Haze & Full Intention - Signification (Rogerseventytwo Remix).

I really like Rogerseventytwo to begin with but this track was much more different from his previous releases and I really enjoyed it.

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