Location: Los Angeles, California, US

Occupation: DJ, Blogger, Film Maker, Producer


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My name is Cristian Rene Guzman I go by the DJ name FUNKYGRAFFISH. The name was founded back more than 10 years ago when I was deep into the art and graffiti movement of the 1990’s in Los Angeles, California.  The name has stuck to me since and used the name to start a graffiti website which later on became a blog which I use to promote myself as a DJ and to promote what I like from music to film. I DJ with friend Edwin Carrillo and we call ourselves, “Edwin Carrillo and Funkygraffish.” We have been playing at many clubs around the Los Angeles area right now and we are in the works of touring all throughout the United States. 

Music Scene:

Some of the finest local cuts causing a stir at the moment:

AudioBeats- Selected House (Original Mix)

ATFC-Can You Feel Me (Original Mix)

NiCe7-Point (Original Mix)

TrueLove-Rock the Casbah

Rene Amesz-Get Together (Original Mix)

Angel Anx-Boompie (Mike Vale Remix)

Vlada Asanin - Space Monkeys (Original Mix)

D.Ramirez - Jump It Up (Original Club Mix)

Shake Your (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

Olav Basoski - The Other Side (Original Mix)

International DJ Scene:

In Los Angeles, the international DJ scene is huge.  Every week or almost everyday an international DJ will perform in the great city of Los Angeles.  First off, on Monday, the club Playhouse holds an event that is called Monday Night Social; there you will find the best of the best DJ’s from all over the World.  On Friday and Saturday at club Avalon, an afterhour event is held and all the international DJ’s will perform there.  There are many other venues that hold huge international DJ events, for example the big festivals, Hard, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and all the huge raves thrown in the area.  You get nothing but the best here in Los Angeles. 

Strictly Scene:

Tiger Stripes Snake Charmer EP

I would have to say that Snake Charmer has easily made my day from the day that I first listened to it. It is easily enjoyed at any time of the day. I can fit it into any of my mixes especially at the club or party.  

My Scene

As a DJ in the US it is hard to make a name for yourself.  There are many who are hustling and promoting themselves on a daily basis.  Many are replicating what others have done already therefore if you come with a fresh outlook and new take on what house music is to you, you will indeed stand up above the rest. As for the DJ scene, tech house is becoming the new big thing, the techier the better.  There is even an extremely underground minimal scene that goes on at underground exclusive after hours events that are impossible to find unless you know the right people.  Artists like Duck Sauce have influenced a huge scene going on here in the Los Angeles, great pool parties where the greatest DJs will take over with all their uplifting feel good house music.  The best clubs to go to during the week are Mondays, Playhouse for Monday Night Social, Tuesday, Dim Mak loft sessions, Wednesday, Ecco, Thursdays, La Cita, Friday, Avalon for Control, Saturday, to many to name and Sunday, Standard Hotel, the Do-Over and Louie XIV.  Every night of the week there are so many other events going on, those were the ones that I could think of right now.  All in all, the scene in Los Angeles is great for DJ’s and music.


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