Colin Brownbill - Glasgow, Scotland

Colin Brownbill - Glasgow, Scotland

Name: Colin Brownbill

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation: DJ, Journalist, Radio Presenter, Press Officer


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My name’s Colin, I’m the founder of a blog and radio show in Glasgow called Synth. Over the past few years Glasgow has really become a major party city with a sensational community spirit. I really wanted to bring the whole scene together in one place where you can hear all the hottest new music and read up on what different promoters are up to. At the time Synth launched I didn’t feel Glasgow was getting the credit it deserved – I hope we’re helping to turn that around…

What’s Your Strictly Rhythm?

Powerhouse – What You Need

Music Scene:

Some of the finest local cuts causing a stir at the moment:

Raksha Vs HaHaHa – Crave For You

Peace – Broken Ribs

Ovr Kill – God Damn

Bubba and T-Bone – Get Together (Ooft! Remix)

Carlos Russo – Wondeland (Daniel Donnelly Remix)

Mia Dora – Random Romantics

Indra – Titan

Dirty Basement – Kindergarden Cop

Adam Forbes – Shimmer

Monopunk – Waat Attack

International DJ Scene:

Every weekend we are stuck with the frustration of too much choice. This weekend we have everyone from Loefah, Boddika and Addison Groove at Fortified, Silicone Soul at 520 and Derrick Carter, Guy Gerber and Greg Wilson at the Wee Chill Festival.

Strictly Scene:

Ben Westbeech – Falling EP

There can be few more prominent dance vocalists over the last decade than Ben Westbeech, his silky smooth harmonies and velvet tones have become synonymous with quality House, always promoting a sophistication which is suited perfectly to a label like Strictly Rhythm.  Latest release Falling exemplifies Ben’s irresistible vocal talents over a deep-grooving, glimpse of summer sun. His tales of love & angst are complimented perfectly by a reflective bassline which draws deeper and deeper on the senses. For me it’s the Two Bears remix that really exasperates the song’s full potential however, introducing a stylish sax line which promotes an unmistakable feeling of uncompromising class.   

My Scene:

Clubs: Glasgow has no shortage of amazing venues, we do hold claim to perhaps two of the best clubs in the world – The Arches & Sub Club – but it’s some of the less heavily marketed venues that often produce the best nights. The iconic Art School is sadly closing its doors in June for refurbishment but we still have mainstream alternatives like SWG3, a legally operating warehouse in Glasgow’s cosmopolitan West End and the ever popular 520. There’s also of course the basement spots like La Cheeta, Basura Blanca and Stereo.

DJ’s: As far as local DJ talent goes I’ve got to give props to the Vitamins guys for always bringing the party as well as Benny Boom and the Mixed Bizness crew.  Chungo Bungo never fail to get a crowd skanking and then there’s Mia Dora, Raksha, Koreless and HaHaHa who have got that new Garage flavour going on.  Sweets Edison, Romero Heat from Thunder Disco Club always sex it up as well as RPZ’s Hushpuppy. I’ve not even touched on the Techno big-wigs like Slam, Gary Beck and Affi Koman yet either…   


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