Your Only Friend - Barcelona, Spain

Your Only Friend - Barcelona, Spain

Name: Tres Manos AKA Your Only Friend

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Occupation: Label Owner / DJ / Producer / Events Promoter 


I Love HOUSE Music Day:

I got turned on to House music when a good friend of mine handed me an old Chicago House thing by Gemini to check out and there was no looking back after that. House Music basically takes hold of you. One of the things I really love about it is the way some songs say exactly what you’re feeling at the moment when you hear them.  In some cases, when you can’t really make out what they are saying, you end up making up your own words that also fit in with your feelings.

“House is a Feeling” and I love it for that.

I’ve been quite fortunate in that many of the artists and Djs that have most influenced me over the years, such as King Britt, Larry Heard, Johnny Fiasco, Jef K, Alton Miller, and Hipp-E have all, over time, ended up being pretty good friends of mine.  A few others that have inspired me are troops like Gemini, Ron Hardy, Roy Davis Jr. and Osunlade.

Music Scene:

Here are some of the jams that are hot this month...

  • Lady Blacktronika – If Some Rain (2011 Mix)
  • Bubba, T-Bone – Get Together
  • Mic Newman – The Fidelity
  • Bakey Ustl – A Tender Places
  • GarcyNoise – After All  feat. International Bitch
  • Sylvie Forêt – Hemingway-esque (James Flavour Remix)


International DJ Scene:

A nice chunk of DJs have come through town lately despite the fact that next week is the Sonar Festival which is when the madness will truly begin! 

Last week we had Aquabassino play some serious deepness at Red Underground, Deetron banged it at Macarena, and Sasha dive kept it smooth at the Mac Arena Mar Beach club to name a few.

Strictly Scene:

Really been feelin’ the Dave Mayer Club Section EP. Especially the last 2 tracks on Get Back and Come On! 

Festival Scene:

Barcelona’s biggest electronic music festival, Sonar, is coming this month! So from the 15th till about the 19th of June the whole city will be rockin’ as labels take over all the clubs, boats and well, just about anywhere they will let us make noise!  To be honest the best music can usually be heard outside of the festival itself. There are too many Off Sonar parties to name but here are a few parties where you are sure to hear some great House music:

Friday 17th - Tape, Lola-Ed, Open House present the Tape Sonar Off Party with DJs Chris Carrier, Gwen Maze, Jef K, Milton Jackson, Shade, Spirit Catcher, Steve Ferrand and Thugfucker to name a few. 

For more info, click here

Saturday 18th - The day party where you should definitely be is the Your Only Friend, Lost My Dog and Beatport Sonar Off – Boat Party with DJs Joshua Iz, Giom, Tres Manos, International Bitch, Steve Ferrand, Pete Dafeet and Ryan Bliss. For more info, click here

For full details of all the Sonar Off Parties, click here

My Scene:

A couple of things to keep an ear out for… On June 10th Your Only Friend Recordings releases Lady Blacktronika’s debut album – Future Blues Vol.1. It has been getting amazing feedback from several big House players.

For more info, click here

Also, I’ve got a new mix up on Barcelona’s Premier Deep House Podcast, Red Underground. Lady Blacktronika does too, actually. Click here to listen

And here's a little video from a recent Paparazzi party in town!

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