DC - Andalucia, Spain

DC - Andalucia, Spain

Name: DC

Location: Andalucia, Spain

Occupation: DJ

Online: Twitter , Facebook


A DJ who is just as at home playing soulful house on the beach, funky house in the bar or banging dirty broken electro in the club. A DJ who prides himself on always striving to improve, adapt and push the boundaries of his sound. Since 2003 sets for the likes of Hed Kandi, Kinky Malinki, Miss Moneypennys and Fierce Angels, at venues like Dreamers, Plato 68 and Pangaea, as well as house music radio shows on Global and Hot FM, have seen the DC sounds cover a great distance in a short space of time.

Music Scene:

Down here in Andalucia you can find a lot of commercial music easily. You do have to dig deeper to find a real house vibe, however, there are some great places to go and cool people to meet. Here are just a couple of things that are tickling my fancy.

I am loving the happy bumpy disco vibe on this tune, it is such a feel good jam. The team on Frankie and Eric had a brilliant year in 2011 and I really look forward to more in 2012. 

  • Various Artists 2012 Miami Sampler Solid Ground Recordings

When it comes to soulful, Solid Ground Recordings definitely bring the heat. They are so consistent with their quality that you just knew their Miami Sampler was going to be sweet and boy did they not disappoint, particular stand out tracks being: Second Chance, Save Our Freedom and If You Knew, a proper soulful soundtrack for Miami.

International DJ Scene:

Down here on the Southern Coast of Spain things certainly do go quiet in the New Year, up until around Easter. Without a doubt, the biggest name here recently had to be Iberican League member and Mr. Stereo Productions and Urbana himself, David Penn, who was playing at Dreamers in Puerto Banus on Saturday 25th February. Both the labels, in my opinion, hammered out some massive releases last year like A Summer Night Dream and one of my favorite tunes of 2011 Drunkin Preacher.

Local Scene:

As I said, things are quieter here at the moment; the calm before the storm. However, there are some great, smaller, underground venues and some of the bigger clubs are open at the weekends too. I would say a special mention should go to the Haunted House guys, who have been working hard as Saturday night residents at Oh Yoko which is in Marbella port, a small 200 capacity club that I have had the pleasure of playing in a few times. They do like their underground sound in there. Sala Million in Torremolinos on the other end of the scale, 2500 capacity, recently launched their "House Saturdays" so a big shout to Douglas the PR manager down there, who is a very cool guy who booked me in December. What a sound system!

My Scene:

Right now, I have been taking a well earned break after a very hectic finish to 2011. I finally got round to putting together my latest Soulfunky Sessions CD, which I have been promising several people I would do for some time (you can check that out on my Facebook page by the way). Plans are afoot for the summer, I must admit over the past few years DJing outdoors by the beach or around the pool has definitely been a passion, but I am sure there will still be room for a few 7am finishes too. I would like to shout out a few people in the scene who I know very well and are always doing good things. Jon Vazquez is sending out the house vibe on his Groove Culture Show on Kiss FM Melbourne and very kindly had my recent session on his show. A good friend of mine, DJ and producer Javi Lopez, recently launched his own label Defined Music, so if you are into your tech and deep house do keep an eye on what they are doing: 

Strictly Scene:

It took me about 2 seconds to come up with my Strictly Highlight. Released 28th February was the Armand Van Helden - Greatest Hits. Now, if you started getting in to house music in the nineties like me, then this guy is one of the first people who brought the sound of the underground to the masses. Everybody of course knows Witch Doktor, but on this release tracks like Love Thang, Rumba and Break Da 80s really shine through. I have always loved the fact that he pushes the boundaries and cannot remember how to think inside the box.

Armand Van Helden’s Greatest Hits by Strictly Rhythm

Until next time, stay Strictly!


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