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Rise (Sandro Silva Remixes)
Rise (Sandro Silva Remixes)

Yasmeen & Danism

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 29/11/11

Rise already represented a shift in style for the Hawaiian singer thanks to a theatrical, big room production by the most excellent Danism that resulted in support from a slew of DJs as diverse as Aga Heller, Andi Durrant and Stonebridge.  Now the shift moves up a gear with a new mix from Laidback Luke protégée Sandro Silva, who throws off the constraints of the dirty Dutch sound to create a fat, breakbeat inspired groove that’s part dubstep, part Higher State of Consciousness and part C&C Music Factory.  Yasmeen’s vocals prove powerful enough to match the big beats all the way.



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12771D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Yasmeen & Danism ‘Rise’ (Sandro Silva Remix) Yasmeen & Danism Yasmeen & Danism ‘Rise’ (Sandro Silva Remix)
02 Yasmeen & Danism ‘Rise’ (Sandro Silva Instrumental) Yasmeen & Danism Yasmeen & Danism ‘Rise’ (Sandro Silva Instrumental)

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