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Todd, Little Louie & Kenny Dope
Todd, Little Louie & Kenny Dope


Strictly Rhythm

Released: 27/03/12
DJ Edition Unmixed:

In many eyes, Todd Terry was the first house titan to come out of New York, breaking through at a time when most were focused on the frantic activity in Chicago and Detroit.  His fast, furious and raw cut-up style was exactly what house hungry DJs and their dancefloors were looking for.  A teenage Kenny Dope was one of those aspiring DJs and the rough and ready street ethos of his early tracks owed much to Todd the God, as the Brooklyn maestro became known.  When the two got acquainted, Todd introduced Kenny to Louie Vega and Masters At Work were born.  But that’s another story.  This release is the story of what the three of them got up to when they weren’t making big vocal records or remixing the latest, greatest pop hits; recording underground grooves for club DJs.  Kenny’s Untouchables tracks, Louie’s Sole Fusion and Sun, Sun, Sun grooves and Todd’s Static and CLS releases – the latter’s Can You Feel It was a global club hit – are an object lesson in the 1990s New York underground.    



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR309D
# Title Artist Listen
01 We Can Make It (The Underground Network Mix) Sole Fusion We Can Make It (The Underground Network Mix)
02 Just Believe (Limited Edition Extended Mix) Hardrive Just Believe (Limited Edition Extended Mix)
03 I'm For Real The Untouchables (Kenny Dope) I'm For Real
04 Take A Chance The Untouchables (Kenny Dope) Take A Chance
05 Dance To The Rhythm The Untouchables (Kenny Dope) Dance To The Rhythm
06 Slam Jam (Garage Mix) Tech Nine Slam Jam (Garage Mix)
07 Dream It (U.K. Dream Mix) Static Dream It (U.K. Dream Mix)
08 Can You Feel It (The In House Dub) CLS (Todd Terry) Can You Feel It (The In House Dub)
09 Curious Sun, Sun, Sun Curious
10 Hey K.D.G Hey

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