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Break Night
Break Night

The Mole People (Armand van Helden)

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 26/02/07

Armand Van Helden’s name appears as an artist only twice in the entire Strictly catalogue (the eponymous EP and the single it spawned, ‘Witch Doktor’) but as a producer he was one of the label’s most active during the mid 90s, operating under a variety of pseudonyms. Ever one to tap into the zeitgeist, he happened on the superb ‘Mole People’ moniker following the publication of a book by the same name that purportedly revealed the existence of numerous communities of people living in the myriad tunnels beneath New York. Fact or fiction, it’s certainly the case that these Van Helden tracks are suitably underground grooves, muscular, trippy instrumentals that marked his exploration of more experimental sounds.


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12357D1
# Title Artist Listen
01 Break Night The Mole People (Armand van Helden) Break Night
02 Ocean The Mole People (Armand van Helden) Ocean

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