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Sir James

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 26/02/07

If you’re hard pressed to recall ‘Special’ as a Strictly classic, you’re probably not alone. But listen to it and not only will you know it in an instant, you’ll recognise every last line of one of the most sampled records in the history of house music. Representative of the poppier end of New York house at the time, as records like D Mob’s ‘C’mon And Get My Love’ took over the city’s airwaves, ‘Special’ was a little lost on first release, but it didn’t take long for people to spot the superbly performed vocal from James Roach and not much longer for them to start sampling the handily included acapella.


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR1203
# Title Artist Listen
01 Special (Club Mix) Sir James Special (Club Mix)
02 Special (Accapella) Sir James Special (Accapella)
03 Special (Piano Dub) Sir James Special (Piano Dub)
04 Special (Pumped Up Mix) Sir James Special (Pumped Up Mix)
05 Special (Trance Mix) Sir James Special (Trance Mix)
06 Special (Radio Edit) Sir James Special (Radio Edit)

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