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Sean Angel

Recharged Music

Released: 19/07/11

Pumping beats, astonishing melodies, pianos from heaven, heavy bottom basslines and jacking rhythm! What else could you expect from the first release of Recharged, the freshly formed label of Greek dj/producer Agent Greg? Paradise club in Mykonos is the club where Greg is resident dj and the first track signed for his label is called this way… Randomly? We don’t think so! Sean Angel who is the producer of the first Recharged release is a young guy based in the beautiful island of Crete and you can definitely figure out the vibe of the island in the track! Hands in the air, beach, sea, party… Definitely a producer to keep an eye on!


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: RM001D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Paradise (Original Mix) Sean Angel Paradise (Original Mix)

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