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Love Part 2 (Daddy's Groove)
Love Part 2 (Daddy's Groove)

Sandy Rivera & Yasmeen

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 12/04/11

Hugging the tailpipe of Rivera’s red hot original, our preferred Italians Daddy’s Favourite launch their own version of Yasmeen’s Love.  And as you’d expect from the pair, what with their form from the likes of Shorebreak, it fairly ripples with the sort of beautiful, atmospheric keyboard melodies and feel good factor they do so effortlessly well.  Hugely impressive and fully deserving of the further release.     



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12741D
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01 Love - Part 2 (Daddy's Groove) Sandy Rivera & Yasmeen Love - Part 2 (Daddy's Groove)

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