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Quivver feat. Cari Golden

Raid Recordings

Released: 21/06/11

John Graham started production in the early 1990s, and has been a household name within progressive electronic music ever since, he is best known as Quivver, but has invented a host of other monikers, including Space Manoeuvres, Stoneproof, Skanna and Tilt, each representing a different shade of his eclectic production sound, and each giving an idea of his true versatility, range and sonic excellence.

John has always gained consistent support for his many varied club releases from DJ giants and close friends such as Sasha, Tong, Oakenfold and Digweed, whilst also having his early Skanna efforts lapped up by drum & bass royalty including Fabio, Grooverider and Doc Scott. He is a multi talented DJ, producer and vocalist and after inking an early deal with A&M in the UK and being championed by Paul Oakenfold, he joined Perfecto for several legendary releases, and has recently collaborated and written electrifying and dynamic songs for the likes of Hybrid from the UK, Planet Funk from Italy and also Darren Emerson’s exciting new band project out of the UK, ‘The Low Highs’.

Now based in Los Angeles, Quivver has teamed up with pop, songstress and respected vocalist Cari Golden, also from Los Angeles, to bring us the pop-edged, radio friendly cut ‘Happy’. This upbeat, future classic has large crossover appeal for many territories around the world, whilst also appealing directly to the dance floor.

RAID is proud to present an extremely hot remix package including a deep and devastating dubbed out tech-house groove from Quivver himself on the Original Mix, which uses the vocal to great effect, and will please fans of his sound the world over. We also give you a simply devastating remix from the very ‘in-demand’ James Talk from the UK, who also takes the vocal and slams you with a delightfully large ‘tech/progressive’ groove that will literally raise any roof at peak time and will definitely find a very welcome home in many a CD wallet for sure over the coming months. Finally the Redroche boys from Montreal (pronounced Red Rock), serve up some quality filtered electro-disco, making great use of the song, delivering a storming vocal and dub mix, which both have ‘large & summer’ written all over them. 



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: RAID002D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Happy (Radio Edit) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (Radio Edit)
02 Happy (Original Mix) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (Original Mix)
03 Happy (James Talk Vocal Mix) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (James Talk Vocal Mix)
04 Happy (James Talk Instrumental Mix) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (James Talk Instrumental Mix)
05 Happy (Redroche Mix) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (Redroche Mix)
06 Happy (Redroche Dub Mix) Quivver feat. Cari Golden Happy (Redroche Dub Mix)

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