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No Politics EP2
No Politics EP2

Quentin Harris

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 14/04/08

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House music is not typically known for carrying a message but the title of Quentin’s album, ‘No Politics’, reflects a desire to rid music of niches, divides and genre boundaries: “I have this analogy – and this belief – that nothing is new. Everything’s been done before – we’re not re-inventing the wheel. I just like all music and what I make just so happens to sound like what it sounds like.” But despite his desire for music to be politics-free Quentin cites his own album as an example of current concerns. “There were disagreements between the American record label and Japan,” he explains. “It’s complicated but it became very political; that’s when I decided the album should be called, ‘No Politics’.”


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR340EP2
# Title Artist Listen
01 U Don’t Know (Big Room Mix) Quentin Harris
02 Haunted Quentin Harris
03 Joy Quentin Harris
04 Gotta Do Quentin Harris

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