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The Tarmac
The Tarmac

Omar Andino & Kelvin Beat

Camel Rider Music

Released: 15/11/11

Omar Andino & Kelvin Beat rev up the engines and look to take flight on their first Camel Rider Music Release, “The Tarmac.”  The Dominican Republic might be known for baseball and merengue but this pair of 16 year old Dominicans are looking to add house music to that list.  Omar & Kelvin have steadily been taking over the island as DJ’s and look to break out on the back of 5 years of hard studio work.  “The Tarmac” has that killer sound with an epic break which are sure to make some noise as they step up to the plate for their turn.  Watch out!



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: CRM020D
# Title Artist Listen
01 The Tarmac Omar Andino & Kelvin Beat The Tarmac

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