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Morel's Grooves 4
Morel's Grooves 4

George Morel

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 29/01/07

There are four cuts on this volume of George Morel’s popular series of tracky grooves, but it’s really all about the one: Let’s Groove. A classic slow burner, the purely instrumental track spread steadily until it was one of the biggest club tracks of its time and adopted by the early UK garage scene who dug its skippy snares and highly individual bassline. Still a classic cut today, it was another Strictly tune picked up by Positiva who went on to release a new version with vocals by London girl Heather Wildman.


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR122200D1
# Title Artist Listen
01 Talk To Me (The Talk Mix) George Morel Talk To Me (The Talk Mix)
02 Talk To Me (The Club Mix) George Morel Talk To Me (The Club Mix)
03 Bouncing Sax George Morel Bouncing Sax
04 Let's Groove George Morel Let's Groove

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