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Dubesque & Funk 78

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 03/03/14

Dubesque and Funk 78 switch it for the follow up to their stripped down Strictly debut, Chico.  Where its predecessor is all icy cool minimalism, Pilar bursts forth with Cubano heat, sweltering percussion, melting melodies and sultry Spanish vocals.   A kind of familiar acoustic guitar lick leads the musical line, while the female spoken word vocals lend a languid feel that’s a counterpoint to the swirls of Latin percussion.  Dubesque land Funk 78’s Club mix ramps it up with an added layer of live drums, leaving Stuttgart’s Johannes Brecht to get jiggy with the studio trickery for an alternative dubbed out delight.


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12895D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Pilar (Radio Edit) Dubesque & Funk 78 Pilar (Radio Edit)
02 Pilar (Original Mix) Dubesque & Funk 78 Pilar (Original Mix)
03 Pilar (Johannes Brecht Remix) Dubesque & Funk 78 Pilar (Johannes Brecht Remix)
04 Pilar (Club Mix) Dubesque & Funk 78 Pilar (Club Mix)

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