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Disco Tech EP
Disco Tech EP

Baggi Begovic

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 03/05/11

The latest in the line of Dutch producers infiltrating Strictly Rhythm, Rotterdam-based Baggi Begovic launches his latest tracks in the guise of the self-explanatory Disco Tech EP.   Chock full of swirling rhythms, straight-up house beats and a box of tricky disco touches, Disco Tech’s three variations – Roffa, Soup and Step On – are firmly in the frontline of the new wave of house that’s all about no-nonsense, no-novelty club grooves for proper dancefloors.



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12745D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Roffa Baggi Begovic Roffa
02 Soup Baggi Begovic Soup
03 Step On Baggi Begovic Step On

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