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Armand Van Helden - Greatest Hits
Armand Van Helden - Greatest Hits

Armand Van Helden

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 28/02/12
DJ Edition Unmixed:

Bostonian Armand Van Helden is one of the most successful house music producers that have ever been.  From murky underground grooves to major artist remixes and crossover hits, his career has spanned the lot.  And unlike those who came and went and those who just recently arrived, he can also lay claim to being one of the most enduringly successful.  All this was still ahead of him when he rolled up at Strictly Rhythm some time in the early 1990s, fresh in New York.  But he hit the ground running and under the A&R guidance of Gladys Pizarro fired off a slew of releases in quick succession under a clutch of different pseudonyms - Sultans of Swing, Banji Boys, Circle Children, Hardhead – that quickly won him favour from both US DJs looking to branch out from the prevailing soulful garage and European DJs already schooled in harder sounds.  Within 18 months he had his breakthrough track, fittingly this time under his own artist name; The Witch Doktor.  Greatest Hits (the name was playful, given these were strictly club hits) is the essential collection of Armand Van Helden’s Strictly Rhythm career. 



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR329D
# Title Artist Listen
01 Witch Doktor Armand Van Helden Witch Doktor
02 Zulu (Change Mix) Circle Children (Armand van Helden) Zulu (Change Mix)
03 Love Thang (Catwalk Mix) Banji Boys Love Thang (Catwalk Mix)
04 Aw Yeah (8th. St. Bootleg Mix) Chupacabra Aw Yeah (8th. St. Bootleg Mix)
05 Break Night The Mole People (Armand van Helden) Break Night
06 Indonesia (Sambal Badjak Mix) Circle Children Indonesia (Sambal Badjak Mix)
07 Rumba Pirates of the Carribean Rumba
08 Break Da ’80’s Armand Van Helden Break Da ’80’s
09 Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Mix) Da Mongoloids Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Mix)
10 New York Express (The Unreleased Mix) Hardhead New York Express (The Unreleased Mix)

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