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Follow Me
Follow Me

Aly Us

Strictly Rhythm

Released: 29/01/07

The biggest selling vinyl release ever on Strictly Rhythm, ‘Follow Me’ remains a key house record to this day. A simple formula of a catchy string and piano hook, killer bassline and singalonga vocal, ‘Follow Me’ became huge on the Tony Humphries/Club Zanzibar led New Jersey garage scene and thanks to cassette copies spreading like wildfire, became massive before it was even signed. After numerous attempts at re-production – the vocals are a little individual – everybody realised that the original demo was the version everybody wanted. And that’s what they got. Years later in 2001 Full Intention nailed the definitive remix.


Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR1288D1
# Title Artist Listen
01 Follow Me (Club Mix) Aly Us Follow Me (Club Mix)
02 Follow Me (Dub Mix) Aly Us Follow Me (Dub Mix)
03 Follow Me (Instrumental) Aly Us Follow Me (Instrumental)

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