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Radioman (Duher Remix)
Radioman (Duher Remix)


Strictly Rhythm

Released: 06/11/12

Originally discovered by Erick Morillo and included on his 2009 Strictly Erick Morillo mix compilation, this early Afrojack release from before Afrojack became Afrojack (if you see what we mean) has been sleeping peacefully since.  Now it gets a rude awakening from Duher, who with the help of a barrage of drums and drops transforms the surprisingly smooth and elegant keys of the original into something a little more up and at ‘em; something more like the crazy Dutchman himself would turn out now, in fact.



Tracklisting - Catalogue Number: SR12823D
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01 Radioman (Duher Remix) Afrojack Radioman (Duher Remix)

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