Yasmeen Tilllate's One To Watch

Yasmeen Tilllate's One To Watch

A big thanks to our friends at Tillate for selecting Yasmeen for the 2011 One's To Watch interview.  Yasmeen's forthcoming single 'Love' is out at the end of March. The track is a collaboration with Sandy Rivera and features remixes from Simon Mattson and Agent Greg. 


What do you think qualifies you as a ‘one to watch’?

Oh, I’ve never been great at the “toot your own horn” part of interviews.  Look, I love music and I love to sing.  I feel I have things to say right now and I hope the way that I choose to say them moves people in a way that will keep them coming back for more.

If we do keep an eye on you, where will you be 10 years from now?

I’ll still be singing/writing for sure.  No doubt in my mind about that.

How will clubbing and dance music have changed by then?

Who knows?!  I do know that if you’re not willing to adapt and change with the times you will be left behind.  Same thing goes for music.  I don’t know what it will sound like but I do know that I want to be in the thick of it.

Describe an average week in your life.

Right now it’s consists mostly of writing and meetings.  I’ll be releasing some new singles soon so I’ve been focused on that. One of them is a track I did with Sandy Rivera called ‘Love’ so keep an eye out.

Who are your dancefloor heroes?

This is probably pretty predictable.  Barbara Tucker, Ultra Nate, and Julie McKnight.  They’re voices and the energy and spirit light up the stage.  They’re all pretty different but that’s why I love it.  They’re just themselves and personally I think that endears them to you.

How did you end up getting involved with music?

I’ve been singing since I can remember.  My entrance into house wasn’t planned though.  I wrote a song with someone and laid down a demo for a producer and it all just snow balled from there. I’ve been loving every minute of it.  I wish it were bigger in the states.  It makes me sad every time I have to explain what house is to someone. 

Choose five words to describe your musical style.

Soulful, emotional, honest, fresh, (and hopefully a little) different.

If it all goes wrong, have you got a back up plan?

I don’t really see how it can.  I mean, we’d all like to be recognized for what we do.  It’s great to have people tell you that what you’ve contributed has made a difference to them and to their life.  To me though, if I shouldn’t make it to a level that most people would categorize as “successful” but I still get to sing and perform, I’ll still be happy.  Of course we all want to make a living but I think that most of us are still in music and the arts because that’s the only thing that we could ever fathom doing.  So, I guess the back up plan is to sing and write.

What keeps you up ‘till late?

Ah, I see what you did there.  Well…most things really.  I’ve always been pretty nocturnal. 


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