Yasmeen's Interview From Tokyo

Yasmeen's Interview From Tokyo

Preparing to go on stage at Club ageHa in Tokyo, singer-songwriter Yasmeen tells us about her amazing audience response in Jakarta and reveals the story behind her new single Rise.

How would you describe your sound?

I think it’s a mix of Jazz, R&B and Pop. It varies a little depending of the feel of the track but there are elements of all three in every song.

What is your biggest single to date? 

Probably ‘Glad I Found You’.

Why do you think it did so well?

Who knows? Maybe it’s because the lyrics came from a very honest place. 

What is your new single Rise about?

It’s a very personal song, actually. I was pretty depressed about a relationship that had just ended and I decided to write a song about the way I wanted to feel. It helped. I’m finally in that headspace.

How did your collaboration with Danism come about? 

I met them through Aaron Ross at Defected. He sent me the track, I wrote the song, and I met them when I went to record the vocal. They’re really lovely guys.

If you could work with any DJ/Producer, who would you choose and why?

I’d love to work with Erick Morillo or Martin Solveig. I like to play with different styles and I really like what they’re doing.

You were recently out in Ibiza: what was that like? What do you think of the scene out there? 

Ibiza was beautiful, I’d love to go back. The gig I did was more laid back and on the beach. I’ve yet to do a crazy Ibiza night. Hopefully soon!

What has been your favourite live performance and why?

Hmmm… Zouk Out was an amazing experience. That crowd was fantastic but I think my favorite was in Jakarta. To have the crowd singing all your songs back to you is pretty sweet.

What do you have coming up? 

I’m in Japan at the moment. I’m performing tonight at Club ageHa in Tokyo. So excited!  

What's your Strictly Rhythm?

It’s a toss up between Free and Beautiful People. Those two songs get me up every time.


Yasmeen & Danism Rise is out now, click here to listen & buy >>

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