Seamus Haji & Cevin Fisher Q&A

Seamus Haji & Cevin Fisher Q&A

Transatlantic collaborators Seamus Haji and Cevin Fisher give us the lowdown on their currently booming first production together, I Love The Music, and they share their thoughts on music, Miami and the Scissor Sisters, too.

Hi Seamus and Cevin, thanks for speaking to us. Where are you now and how are you feeling?

Cevin: At the moment I am feeling great! I just returned from Miami and the WMC it was a huge success this year, lots of EDM fans all over the streets partying non-stop.

Seamus: I’m at Juice Radio in Brighton where I record my weekly show that goes out 8-10pm every Saturday. I’m not feeling too bad even though I had a late studio session last night. The weather is beautiful today so hopefully I’ll get out for a jog along the seafront.


I Love The Music, is a new take on the classic Ai No Corrida, tell us how you came up with this idea? 

Cevin: Ai No Corrida was a song that I always loved and I always wanted to remake this classic, so my good mate Seamus Haji was working at Strictly Rhythm at the time and was up for doing the song with me. It just so happened that Seamus was a big fan of the song as well.

Seamus: Cevin had the idea initially to use Ai No Corrida and sent me a demo version he did with him singing on it! Not many people would know that.

I really liked the idea so I got involved producing it and got some vocalists in to add to Cevin’s vocal and had the original sample replayed. It was obviously worth having sample replay as Manuel, Alex & Luigi have made great use of it on their remixes. Our Original mix is more of an electro edged big room mix and I’m really happy with how it came out as well as all the remixes.

Seamus Haji and Cevin Fisher - I Love The Music (Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji Remix) by Strictly Rhythm

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You live on opposite sides of the world, so how did your collaboration come about?

Cevin: Well with the help of technology we were able to collaborate by shuffling the production back and forth over the net. This was a great way for both of us to work  and remain comfortable with the production. I did some pre-production here in New York and Seamus worked his magic in the UK, the rest is History...

Seamus: Cevin sent me his spoken & sung vocals and his demo mix and to be honest I ended up coming up with a new backing track. It’s a true collaboration as I would never have come up with the initial idea but I always loved the original. Cevin is a legendary producer and so are his spoken vocals. I remember wearing out the acappella to his The Way We Used To Do It in the mid 90s. Luckily Cevin liked what I did and I think it’s a great combination.

I Love The Music went to number 2 on Beatport’s top 100 house chart, were you surprised at the success?

Cevin: Honestly, I wasn’t surprised by the success of this track, I had a feeling that once it was released music lovers all over the world would feel what we felt as we completed the project.  It's a stand-out tune and I think it strikes the common chord that we all love Music ...

Seamus: Totally! You can never tell how a track will do these days and some tracks are a bit like love them or hate them. Fortunately most people seem to love this as it’s a fun, feel good track and there aren’t that many about these days. It makes you feel like spring is in the air and summer is on the way!

You’ve done a Miami version, perfectly timed for WMC, whose idea was that and was it intentional?

Cevin: Well originally the song was called I Love Ibiza and when Dave Lambert from Strictly Rhythm's A&R came on board and got involved with the project, he suggested that we call it I Love The Music as the main title and he also suggested that we should do alternate versions  I Love Miami, I Love Las Vegas and of course I Love Ibiza and we all agreed. It was a brilliant call on Dave’s part.

Seamus: Yes, like Cevin said it was supposed to be called I Love Ibiza but it took so long to have all the sample replay & publishing cleared that we missed out so we decided to run with Dave from Strictly and do I Love The Music which can work anytime of the year of course and then we all agreed on a Miami version.

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Manuel De La Mare, Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca have done remixes of the single, what do you think of their work?

Cevin: I really love the remixes by Manuel, Alex and Luigi. They used more of the original music samples and they both did an excellent job. I think the timing of the release was right on aswell. The song hit the charts/radio shows just in time for Miami/WMC and I've heard it all over at the conference, radio shows etc in Miami.

Seamus: I think they’ve all done great mixes. In was aware of Luigi from his remix for Joey Negro’s Keep On Jumpin which I was playing a lot and I’ve been watching Alex and Manuel rise. I love what they do and I’ve been playing their tracks for some time now.

Are you noticing musical trends among DJs and producers at the moment?

Cevin: I am definitely noticing musical trends, I've been hearing a lot of remakes and/or old hooks being sung over new productions and I think its a good thing. I really love tracks like the Bingo Players Cry Just A Lil, tracks that speak to the listener and make them feel some kind of emotion .

Seamus: I think people want an alternative to the big room or stadium sound that’s taken over the World. There’s been a kind of revival with the deep house scene with new people like Jamie Jones and Maya Jane Coles going back to the early 90s sound and referencing people like MK. The Nu-disco/indie scene is interesting as well which can be quite fun and based on 80s boogie & 70s disco and then some of it’s a bit darker/quirkier. There’s definitely a lot more groovier stuff coming out at the moment.


Do you prefer to DJ or Produce?

Cevin: I love to do both but if I had to choose I would say DJing because of the interaction with the fans and being able to play all of the great tunes that come my way.

Seamus: I love both. They both feed into each other.  I’ve always been a DJ first and foremost though.

What’s next in the pipeline?

Cevin: Well I have a few more collaborations that i'm working on with Chus and Ceballos, Copyright, Layo and Bushwacka and one of my favorite producers D. Ramirez.  Also gearing up to hit the road, my next stop is Lausanne Switzerland and I'm really excited about returning to Switzerland.

Seamus: I have a big vocal track with EDX called Love Express coming soon on my Big Love label and then there’s Gods Child under my Big Bang Theory moniker. It’s a big disco track that did really well for me 10 years ago and hit the top 50 UK National Charts so I want to bring it back up to date. I’ve also been working on a lot of remixes so you can expect to see me on X-Press 2’s new single In The Blood featuring Alison Limerick, The Ghosts Ghosts, Rita Ora feat Tiny Tempah and Jodie Connor feat Busta Rhymes Take You There. I also did a remix for Scissor Sisters which they loved so much that they asked me to produce a track for their new album which I’m really excited about!

Finally …Why do you love the music?

Cevin: Its simple, I've always loved the music , from the day that i was born. Growing up we always had music playing at home and just about everywhere I went . There's something magical about good music and still to this day, I am fascinated by the power of music!

Seamus: It's always touched me on emotional level and it's been a constant passion. It changed my life!

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