We’ve hit some curveballs in the past at Strictly Rhythm and most them involve some sort of swerve in musical style. Put your hands together then, to welcome the latest: Raindrops by Fytch, Captain Crunch and Carmen Forbes, a track that’s half moodily pretty melodic song and half grinding dubstep. And that’s not even the most remarkable thing about Raindrops.

Friends for a few years who became aware of each other’s musical abilities through school talent show, classroom buddies Fytch and Carmen Forbes finally got around to making some tracks – at age 15.


With turntablist and 2011 Best Breakthrough Dubstep DJ Captain Crunch in the mix – Fytch and Crunch had been in contact since the release of Fytch’s debut Winter Wind – a new track took form. First released on Israeli bass DJ/producer supremo Borgore’s Buygore imprint, Raindrops was adopted by Strictly Rhythm for full release.


Now at the grand age of 16, Fytch and Carmen flew in from their native Netherlands to film the video for Raindrops in the mean streets of North-East London.  

From the moment we arrived at the airport we saw how much preparation and organisation had gone into the video shoot to make it work flawlessly, as it did. The crew did an amazing job and we had a lot of fun making the video. All in all it was a very memorable experience and the video shoot has left my mouth watery and made me even more excited about the release of Raindrops on Strictly Rhythm. - Fytch


Raindrops by Fytch, Captain Crunch & Carmen Fobes is available on Beatport and Traxsource and will see a full release in September. 

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