Jupiter Ace introduces his new label Big Vision

Jupiter Ace introduces his new label Big Vision

What were you up to before starting Big Vision?

Before starting Big Vision Records I had been doing a lot of remix work as Jupiter Ace as well as production for other artists. Starting this label is putting the focus back on original productions, which I’m really enjoying.

What made you decide to do a label, and why with the Strictly team?

Strictly Rhythm approached me with the idea – they liked my production on Wynter Gordon’s Dirty Talk as well as my recent remixes. I jumped at the chance and here we are!

Why do you call it Big Vision?

I called it Big Vision mainly because I just liked the words! I think the reason I like the name is because it gives a sense of grandeur and an outward-looking attitude which are qualities that I would like the label to have. 

How do you tackle a digital marketplace?

The key thing about the digital marketplace is that it’s caused everyone to up their game. There is much more choice now than there was back in the day, it’s easier to find the records you want and music is much cheaper to buy. It’s also easier and cheaper to produce and release music. All this makes things pretty competitive which in turn raises standards which can only be a good thing!

What are your label goals for 2012?

For Big Vision the first half of 2012 will be focused on Jupiter Ace releases so my goal there is to bring you the very best music I can. I’m really excited about the new tracks that are getting lined up. Once we’re into the second half of 2012 the sound of Big Vision will be established and I think that would then be a good time to start opening things up and signing some records to the label.

How has club culture evolved over the past 10 years in your opinion?

I think the past ten years has seen a lot of the boundaries between genres break down. As I mentioned, there is a lot more choice out there in the digital marketplace and it’s easier to check out music without buying it. This has enabled today’s clubbers to have much broader tastes than they used to. I think people are a little less fixated on genres than they used to be, which frees DJs up to be creative as well - for example people don’t think it’s weird now to drop dubstep beats in the middle of house set.

What’s your definition of a great record?

Good production, especially in dance music, is a very important part of any record. However for me a GREAT record is one that connects on a deep level and has a quality that grabs you emotionally and physically before you even start thinking about any of that other stuff. I guess that’s what the producers whose work I admire the most bring to the table. 

Give us 3 words to describe your label.

Fresh. Ambitious. Electronic.

Big Vision's debut release Wheel Of Life by Jupiter Ace is out now >

Check out Jupiter Ace's Strictly Mix here >

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