Joel Edwards Q&A

Joel Edwards Q&A

We caught up with Joel Edwards to find out more about his colaboration with Carl Kennedy on new single Lost In Rio. 

Hi Joel, where are you at the moment and how are you feeling?

I'm in my studio, working on a new project, I'm feeling creative.

Your latest project Lost In Rio is with Carl Kennedy. How did the collaboration come about?

I hooked up with Carl through a mutual mate of ours Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera).

What is the meaning behind the track?

Carl sent me over a backing track, whilst chatting on the phone Carl said he'd been on the road for months and was missing his family. I loved the concept of being on the other side of the world but only a heartbeat away from the ones you love.

You shot a video for the single, what was that like?

Carl is normally in New York and I’m in the UK. It was a great to hook up and have a laugh.

When you write songs where do you get your ideas / inspiration from?

It depends on the mood and emotion I feel from the track. I really like what I call 'Gonzo' or 'Bowie' style of writing, I use random words/ sentences, the narrative tends to come later. Alternatively I like Joni Mitchel's approach, which is descriptive and poetic.

You were the lead singer, writer and co-producer of the internationally successful band Deepest Blue.  You had top 10 chart success with singles Deepest Blue and Give It Away, what was that like?

There was a lot of emotion in what we set out to record. We gave our hearts on the album. The exciting part was recording and mixing at Astoria, which is owned by David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Apart from being massive Floyd fans. We got to play on David's guitars. The studio and people who work there are amazing. It is in a beautiful house boat moored on the River Thames. The most inspiring studio I have ever worked in.

How has the music industry changed since being in the band?

For me it hasn’t. My reward comes from being in the studio every day and working with creative minds.

You’ve had lots of opportunities to travel the world with your music. What’s been the craziest, the funniest or most memorable place you’ve been to?

Too many to mention. The ride has been amazing on every level. One time that does stay with me was when I was joined Planet Funk (after Deepest Blue). We played a festival in Venice in front of 50,000. My in ear monitors went down and I couldn’t hear what the band was playing. I sang a completely different song over them. The look of puzzlement from the band and audience will stay with me forever :)

Joel Edwards

Who are your favorite current DJs/artists/producers?

There are too many to mention. I’m a sponge and like to soak up music in all genres. In electronic music I always prefer people like Trentemoller for his mixes and Cornelius for his humor in records. I love the gritty feeling from people like Jamie Jones. I'm a massive Velvet Underground and Autolux fan. Whilst recording a solo album for Mercury I managed to record with one of my childhood hero's from the jazz world George Fame.

Is there anyone you would like collaborate with and why?

I like to work with anyone who gives their heart on a record regardless of genre.

We hear there could be a second single with Carl Kennedy lined up, can you share some information with us?

I LOVE the new record it's with Carl and Nick Galea called Out Of My Mind. The only DJ to have this is Tiesto and he recently played it on his Club Life podcast. I've been performing this live and it is dropping like a bomb.

Tell us about your upcoming gigs, where can we see you play?

I play in Russia a lot it’s my second home from home. They have a table set aside for me at Paprika my favorite curry house at Domodedovo airport (I sometimes eat there 3 times over a weekend while connecting for flights). My agent Barry at Fresh Artiste keeps my diary and has just told me my next shows are in Yekaterinburg and Moscow this weekend.

Joel Edwards

Finally, what does the future hold for Joel Edwards?

I’m blessed to be in the studio every day. I love dance music and have recently been asked to do some featured vocals.  I'm five songs in on my solo album with producer Eliot James (Does It Offend You Yeah / Kaiser Chiefs and Mark Ronson). I'm also recording an 80's style project with Fear Of Tigers and producing another album for amazing vocalist called Wrenne.  I've called in an old mate of mine Andy Nunn who plays for Morcheeba and Emliana Torrini to play Rhodes. He gives feeling to the project just be being in the room.  I recently put out an underground dance track under an alias and was over the moon to have some of the most respected dons in house give the track top marks.

Carl Kennedy & Joel Edwards - Lost In Rio is Out Now on Wasted Youth Music

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