Introducing Thomas Sagstad's label Agape Music

Introducing Thomas Sagstad's label Agape Music

We caught up with Thomas Sagstad founder of Agape Music to talk about the label.

What were you up to before starting Agape Music?

Basically doing the same as now, writing music traveling the world. I’m of the lucky one’s who gets to have a hobby as a profession.

What made you decide to do a label, and why with the Strictly team?

It was a fairly long process to be honest. I’ve always wanted to start a record label, the idea of picking the songs I love with no restrictions, and then giving it the place it deserves in the marketplace is very appealing to me. Get rid of the b******t so to speak. I was not really planning on doing it when it happened; It was first after having a long chat with the big boss Finkelstein, head of the Strictly Rhythm group. We go onto talking about the future when I mentioned the label and he just threw the idea out there to do it with them. The Strictly team have been so supportive of me and when he offered me the chance of realizing one of my big dreams it was a no brainer. I’m incredibly honoured to be given the trust, the tools and the opportunity to run my label the way I always wanted it, with the support of my favourite record label.

Why do you call it Agape Music?

Because I just love what I do and ”Agape Music” means ”love music”

What artists have you signed and how do you go about choosing them?

We got a pretty eclectic collection of artists, everything from big room house boys Martin Danielle & Carl Louis to techno/tech house wizz 123XYZ, as for me I just wanted cool, well produced records. I wouldn't want anything just because it’s a famous artist or a popular sound. I love EDM (Electronic Dance Music), so I sign the records that are appealing to me. A good record is a good record no matter what style it is or who made it.

I think a lot of people should start opening their eyes a bit and so I give people what they don’t know they want. That is how Electronic music got so big.

Agape Music's debut single Thomas Sagstad, Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros Ft Gregory Boyd - Just Be You 

How do you tackle a digital marketplace?

I don’t think you need to tackle anything; sometimes you just work with the tools given to you. The reach of a digital marketplace is far bigger than what it used to be, so at the end of the day you choose how you want to look at things, you know the whole glass being half empty or half full…

What are your label goals for 2011?

To keep putting interesting records out. We have some records coming up that I’m super stoked about and they will hopefully get other people exited too.Other than that we are launching the website also an Agape Nights podcast - a weekly little mix of my favourite music and guest mixes from my favourite DJs / artists. We are also going to be taking our Agape Nights concept on the road... It’s going to be a good year!

How has club culture evolved over the past 10 years in your opinion?

It went from the side room to the main room. It’s not taking over, it took over. DJs are our generations’ rock stars. We figured out how to cross over and make something appealing to a bigger crowd instead of sticking our head in cage of people doing the exact same thing as others. Now the challenge is to keep doing that. We also need to keep grounded and remember where we came from because at the end of the day music matters.

What’s your definition of a great record?

There is no exact definition because a good record can’t be described in words, you just know when you hear it.

Give us 3 words to describe (your label).

Dot dot dot...(Its funny if you seen ”It's All Gone Pete Tong”) 

Agape Music's latest release Philip Jensen - Ease The Pressure is out now!

Philip Jensen - Ease The Pressure Preview (Out Soon) by Agape-Music

For more information on Agape Music click here 

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