Introducing Lea Luna

Introducing Lea Luna

Raid Recordings are back with new release from talented vocalist Lea Luna, we caught up with her to find out about her new single and her journey so far.  

You’re relatively new on the scene. How has it been for you, making the breakthrough?

At the end of 2010 I left everyone and everything I knew back in Denver. I spent every penny I had to get myself to LA to go pro. Honestly, making a breakthrough is not easy to do. I remember reading about Lady Gaga and her struggle to make it. She said: "I ate shit until somebody would listen." …And that's exactly how it is. Money, time, relationships… they all fly out the window while you cling to dreams that half of everyone will tell you are too risky to cling to "in times like these." I just keep my eye on the prize.

What were you up to last year?

I spent a lot of 2011 figuring out LA life. There are a lot of artists, events, festivals, and trends to keep up with. It's a total dreamland! I also traveled a bit to stay connected to my friends and fans around the country. I wrote some cool music, met cool people, and kept myself inspired and on-task with my writing. It was a pretty perfect year, very eventful and emotional. I make everything eventful and emotional.

You’re signed up to the RAID label. Tell us about your relationship with them?

Raid Recordings is a gift from God! They understand my pop-meets-electronica brand and all of my artistic quirks, and they give me all the creative control I could ever ask for. Lots of electronic labels have been interested in JUST my EDM side, and pop people want me to write JUST pop for THEIR artists, but this time I'm doing something that is 100% ME with reputable people standing 100% behind me. It's really nice to have all the support and development I need to finally break through. It has been a long time coming. They talk about you in ways, which would make you blush!

Is there a lot of pressure to repay that kind of faith in your ability?

The greatest thing about repaying their faith is that all I have to do to repay them is everything I've ever wanted to do! It's no chore at all! I have been hungry for success, and they just give me the superpowers I need, POW!

You are really hands-on, a producer, songwriter, singer and DJ. Which do you prefer doing and why?

I love writing. I think rendering poetry into the form of a song enhances the mood of the writing a lot. Not only writing good music, but appreciating well-written music by other artists, is what I live by. It has always been my muse, since I was a little girl buying stacks of journals and cassette tapes with my allowance.

Tell us about your forthcoming release. 

My new release is called "Rock Show" which is actually one of the first songs I ever wrote. I waited for the perfect opportunity to release it. It's basically a party track that encourages the timid homebody to find their inner rock star. Just come out! I'm instigating! It also brings the star out of the fan: "We don't party like rock stars, they party like us!"

Is there an album in the offing somewhere in the near future?

I think I'm releasing things single-by-single for a bit, isn't that what everyone's been doing? I sure do have an album's worth of writing ready, though. Any way you slice it, there will be a lot of my music coming out very soon.

What’s next for you? Will you be doing a tour?

I LOVE traveling and playing shows; I get so much energy from being on stage! I think if I go without a tour, I will spontaneously combust...

Lea Luna -Rock Show is out now:

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