Introducing Dave Mayer

Introducing Dave Mayer

Club Section EP has spent the last 4 weeks in the Traxsource top 10, we thought we would introduce you to the man behind the track - Dutch DJ and Producer Dave Mayer.

Tell us about yourself, is there anything interesting we should know?

I’m a 25 year old Dutchman. Living in a former hospital (build late 1800) in Haarlem aka ‘Little Amsterdam’, a city next to Amsterdam.

Something that might interest some of you.. I’m suffering from a fish phobia.. yeah, it’s just funky like that.

How did you get in to Djing/ Producing?

Somewhere in the 90s I had this clock radio next to my bed. I actually still have it. I secretly turned it on after midnight, hoping my parents wouldn’t hear it. There was this weekly show on national radio broadcasting house music, something new for me as a 12 year old. I met someone who showed me parties. No place for people my age at that time, but I was hooked. 

My interest started to grow and not much time later I found myself hanging around in record stores, buying vinyl without even having the equipment to play it.

Eventually I got myself a mixer and two turntables. Making mixtapes. And without ever really played for a big crowd, I got the opportunity to play at a club in Amsterdam called ‘Hotel Arena’. One of the resident DJs had to cancel and they called me. From there on the DJ adventure took off.  I started producing in 2007. Before that time I only made mashups and edits, I learned a lot from that.

What’s been your biggest record so far?

The 2 EPs on Strictly has done a lot for me, I'm really happy to see people diggin’ it.

A record that means a lot to me is my first project that got signed. Julius Papp ft. Tonee Green – Primitive Future (Dave Mayer remix) on Soulfuric Deep. I made this remix on my own initiative and the guys from Copyright picked it up. They passed it on to Soulfuric head honcho Brian Tappert. 

What’s your most memorable DJ moment?

My first real gig at the Hotel Arena.  Nothing really special happened, I just got the feeling of achieving something that I had been looking forward to.

What’s your DJ set up?

Actually, my mixer and one of my turntables are collecting dust, the other one I use for playing some jazz or soul records. When I play I prefer the standard Pioneer stuff. 1 mixer at least 3 CDJs.  I’m not really into the laptop DJing hype.

How would you describe your sound?

I always say I do house, just house.  That can be soulful and deep, but also tech stuff.  I focus on solid beats and percussion - as long as it’s grooving.

Tell us about Club Section EP

I wanted to make a following EP for the Rhythm Section EP and decided to make a series of sections. Obviously, the first EP was all about percussion. Club Section is a more dance floor orientated EP. After having Roland Clark doing the spoken word on Rhythm Section, I didn’t hesitate to ask him again for ‘Funky Like That’. And his voice suits it so well!

I asked my Australian friends Random Soul (aka Yogi & Husky) and Thaisoul master Jask for the remixes.

What do you have coming up in the pipeline?

I’m working on another ‘Section’ EP to continue the series.

At the moment I’m working a lot with Dutchican Soul.  We just finished some cool remixes, including one for Strictly.  Next to that we are working on a few singles.  Deep, soulful and more tech sounds.

Where can we see you DJ?

There are some cool parties coming up. In June you can catch me in Holland at beachparty ‘Taste-it’ together with Funkerman. Then I’m off to Budapest, Hungary followed by Venice, Italy in July. When I’m back home my Aussie friends Random Soul are doing their Europe tour and we will do a party together with Dutchican Soul. All information is on my website 

What’s your Strictly Rhythm?

Difficult, but I will go for Erick ‘More’ Morillo – Dancin



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