I Love HOUSE Music Day Free K-Dope Download

I Love HOUSE Music Day Free K-Dope Download

Friday 3rd June is the day to get together and show your collective appreciation for house music by posting your favorite tracks, mixes, videos, DJs, artists, clubs, stories, moments and experiences online. Show the world what house music means to you - help spread the love and bring house music to new generations.

To celebrate we’re giving away a free download of Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter – Gotta Get Your Love from the Mass Destruction album. (Click on the arrow to get your free copy)

If you like the track, make sure you check out the whole album Mass Destruction here >>

To show our love for house music we are changing our Facebook and Twitter icons to the ‘I Love HOUSE Music’ badge of honor. You can check out what house music enthusiasts the world over have been posting on the Facebook event page event page HERE and to add the 'I Love HOUSE Music' icon to your own Facebook and Twitter profile pictures click HERE

Tag #ILHM on Twitter to join in the conversation and help people to find your content!


Due to popular demand and positive feedback from the house music community regarding the I Love HOUSE Music logo, we have produced some limited edition exclusive t-shirts which are now on sale.  CLICK HERE TO BUY >>


Some of our brothers and sisters in house have took them time to tell us why they love house music.

House Music has been a significant part of my life both personally and professionally since I was a kid!  How lucky am I...

Ultra Nate

I love house music because its the only genre where I can do whatever I want and get away with it!

Thomas Sagstad 

House Music is more than just a style of music, its a feeling, a way of life, I have been extremely fortunate to have been spreading the house music love for 21 years now, DJ to all the four corners of the world! ..and it still sends a tingle down my spine when I hear a great track.  As Marshall Jefferson declared 'Lost in house music, is where I want to be'

Paul Gardner (Soul Avengerz)

I love house music because it's freeing, healing, and spiritual. It's supporters are faithful and fervent! There's no other music with which I'd prefer to "take my problems to the dance floor.

House Music LIVES! us!

Inaya Day

Why I Love House Music? Cause I just do!!!!

Matt Caseli

I love House Music because it NEVER goes out of style.

Greg (Jupiter Ace)

For us, House Music is one of the few genres that can widely explore different musical styles whilst always evolving, adapting and remaining fresh and exciting.


I Love house music because it inspires you, it tells a story, it makes you move, lose inhibitions and most of all i love house music because of the feeling it gives you in your soul, House music all night long............

Paul Cooper

House Music is the only genre with or without vocals that has the key to unlocking my soul....I just love it and can't live without it.

Errol Reid

I tried to do a quote, but I just can’t find the words.. for me it’s something about feelings. Indescribable.

Dave Mayer, Netherlands 

I can say that I love house music because it is truly the expression of the heart, soul and body. It also gives everybody an opportunity to make music in a simple way but with big emotional feeling...and this universal language called 'house music helps us all look forward to a positive future, without limits !!!!

Daniele Tignino – aka Argenta House Music DJ and Producer from Italy

House Music keeps me always in a good mood; even if the whole day was like shit.  It calms you down and kicks your ass, just caused by the rhythm and groove of each tune.  If you fall into House Music, you feel it forever ...

Tom Shark - Germany


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