Habituate OC - Henry Maldonado Interview

Habituate OC - Henry Maldonado Interview

We were cruising online and came across this cool blog called Habituate OC that appreciates authentic and unique sounds as well as digging out old and new music to expand the definition of quality dance music. 

So here's where it gets exciting! Henry Maldonado interview was featured on the blog recently. A house music veteran who was one of the first producers on Strictly Rhythm will take you back to 1991 and how he went from House 2 House and Urban Rhythm to Play It Loud vinyl-only disco parties in 2006. A man who likes to experiment with music goes into detail of how he went from a naive young producer to learning about the industry, from living each day like there's no tomorrow to learning that music doesn't stay still which has inspired him to evolve further and further as a producer.

Check out this insightful interview of Maldonado. Over two decades of experience and knowledge up for grabs.

Read the interview in full here >

About Habituate OC:

Habituate's rule of thumb is that the music has to make the mind move before it moves the feet or body.

Despite of the regional focus being primary Orange County, Habituate features good music, great labels and events that provide real vibes and sounds from all around the world. 

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