Doman & Gooding introduce Superficial Recordings

Doman & Gooding introduce Superficial Recordings


What were you up to before starting Superficial Recordings?

Well James lives in L.A so he has been producing and DJing stateside for years and I have been playing worldwide, especially Ibiza, also producing, remixing and presenting my radio show The Global Network. And as Doman & Gooding we had a big club track called 'Runnin' in 2009 and since then have remixed over 25 major artists and also been doing production for Tinie Tempah and several others.

What made you decide to do a label, and why with the Strictly team?

It's a no brainer for us; we both grew up with Strictly Rhythm, we both own over 100 titles each no question. I think it's fair to say it's been the most influential label in House music since its inception, it has so many classic tracks under it belt and has launched countless careers for people like: Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak and many many more!

Why did you call it Superficial Recordings?

Well it's a tongue in cheek observation of the scene in some ways but it also rolls of the tongue nicely, and in some ways a name is just a name, the real test is the quality of the music you release, and we are very serious about sourcing great music!

What artists have you signed and how do you go about choosing them?

We have signed some great tracks from the following artists: Dan Castro, Kaijo, The Machine, Kryder, Paul Cooper and obviously our own Doman & Gooding tracks. We have also commissioned some great remixes from people like: Swanky Tunes, Dj Chus, Afterlife, Dan Castro, Chris Coco, Kryder, Kaijo, The Machine, Hauswerks, Dzeko & Torres, Seth Vogt, Last Japan. And for us we have to love the music that we release, it has to work in the right environment, like club tracks need to rock a dancefloor and more chilled things we can road test at places like Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. Also if an artist is hot and they have a good following is also very important, people need a fan base to attract sales.

How do you tackle a digital marketplace?

Well it's not easy these days, so you have to use everything you have at your disposal really to combat illegal downloads, but this is where eventually getting into events can help with profits when the label builds a name as it's an invaluable way to showcase the music.

What are your label goals for 2011?

To release some great music that people enjoy and to obviously make it succeed on a business level, which can be tough these days but with great music we are sure it will work. Then after several releases look at superficial Recording events and compilations.

How has club culture evolved over the past 10 years in your opinion?

Well its become more global now and is currently bigger than ever so I would say in some respects it's in a great place but there is a bit of over saturation of events, festivals, music releases and DJs but the cream always rises to the top so I guess it's healthy.

What’s your definition of a great record?

For us a great track obviously has to work well on the dance floor and also has to inspire us, simple as that!

Give us 3 words to describe your label.

Quality, consistent, cutting edge.

Doman & Goodings debut release featuring Heather Bright 'Back To Life' is out now, click here to listen & buy >>

Click here for more info on Superficial Recordings >>

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