Do You LOVE House..?

Do You LOVE House..?

Don't you wish we could all share one day and honour HOUSE music...? Just one day in the year when we all throw our arms in the air for HOUSE music!

Well that day is upon us... Friday the 3rd June 2011 is the day that we aim to get all HOUSE music lovers sharing their LOVE for HOUSE.

Being the Grand Daddy of HOUSE music we are going to kick things off...

We are calling out to HOUSE music fans across the Globe to celebrate the scene we love so much.

This will be nothing more that just a call to action to pledge your love for HOUSE music and share the love across the Globe.

We are asking our fans to change their profile picture on Friday 3rd June and then through their social networks, post information on their favourite HOUSE music tracks / artists / clubs / moments. All we ask is you spread the message and make the 3rd of June the day we all LOVE HOUSE music...


Click here to join our event page >>

To add the 'I love HOUSE music' icon to your Facebook and Twitter click HERE >>

The aim of this is to encourage all of those involved in the scene to shout loud and proud...

We will be using the Twitter #tag of #ILHM so please tag all your Tweets with that when talking about HOUSE music.

Invite all your friends and join us in the celebration of HOUSE.

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