Danism talk about their new single Rise

Danism talk about their new single Rise

Dan Liquid and Dan Nu:Tone – the dynamic DJ /Producer duo collectively known as Danism – talk about their new single ‘Rise’, the importance of teamwork and how it all started back in Cambridge during the 90s.

What is your biggest record to date?

We’ve both worked on lots of records that have done well, as Danism, if YouTube hits are a measure, then our collaboration with Michael Gray and Lisa Millett called 'Say Yes' has connected with a lot of people.

Why do you think it did so well? 

Lisa Millett wrote a song that everyone can relate to – it’s often the simplest ideas that people can connect with.

How did you get into DJ/producing?

A long time ago we started a party called ‘The Goodly Wednesday' in Cambridge. Loads of DJs used to play there back in the 90's – people like Seamus Haji and Mark Knight.    

Do you prefer to DJ or Produce?

Both are amazingly good when they are done well, DJing is great fun because it’s an instantaneous buzz but production is more satisfying because the results are longer lasting.

You both have quite individual tastes in music but how would you describe your musical style as Danism? 

Forward thinking house music with a touch of soul.

What are you playing in your DJ sets at the moment?

Mostly house music with a dash of tech house thrown in. The biggest record at the moment is 'The Trumpeter' from Ray Fox, original mix all the way.

What is the process when you make a track - who does what?

Dan Nu:Tone is the engineer and musical maestro, Dan Liquid concentrates on the mix arrangement and the overall direction of the project. We are a team; our sound has been developed over many years and is always evolving, as is our approach to making the music.

What is your new single Rise about?

After playing at the ‘F*ck me I’m Famous’ party with Kelly Roland and David Guetta, we got back and decided to make a tune that could connect to a crowd of that size.

How did your collaboration with Yasmeen come about?

The A&R at Strictly saw the potential in the backing track and hooked us up with Yasmeen's management.

What's your Strictly Rhythm? 

Too many to pick from, but try this little gem... 
Sole Fusion - We Can Make It (Underground Network Mix)

Yasmeen & Danism - Rise Out Now - Click here to listen and buy>>

Check out Danism's Min Mix featuring the track here >>



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