As their first DJ Mix compilation Strictly CAZZETTE hits cyberspace, we catch up with Swedish tapehead duo CAZZETTE during their busy tour schedule to get the lowdown on who they are, what they do and how they do it.


Hi Alex and Seb, where in the world are you and what are you up to?

We’re actually on tour right now. Playing in Vancouver tonight and tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Sweden to finish up some tracks for our debut album, Eject. 

For those who don’t know you how would you describe what you do and what kind of sound you produce?

We’re Alex & Sebastian from the duo, CAZZETTE. We’re producing a sub genre of EDM coined dub-house! But we like to combine and mix up other kinds of genres into it as well. 

What is your favourite Remix that you have done so far?

Believe it remix was really cool! It has a great vocal and we made that track in 2 days, so the workflow was incredible!

Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali - Believe It (Cazzettes Androids Sound Hot Remix) by Strictly Rhythm

You have some interesting Remix names, how do you come up with them? (Ant seeking hamster, android’s hot sound, approaching starry homes etc)

It’s homage to our manager Ash!  He’s like the third member of CAZZETTE.

Have you always wanted to work in music?

Yes, our interest in music started out early in life. Guess we both fell in love with electronic music instantly and just wanted to create that in our way!

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing instead?

Maybe work in a library. Studying is the only thing we’ve got experience of!  

We hear Alex makes a killer mushroom sauce! Can we have the recipe?

NO! it’s a secret CAZZETTE recipe! Maybe we’ll send it along with the album ;)

What do you enjoy doing outside of music? 

Movies and family. We’re both suckers for Tarantino movies and long Sunday dinners with family and friends. 

What inspired you to become DJs?

Daft punk and Swedish house mafia! They just made it bigger and real for everyone.

Daft Punk

Where was your first gig and how did it go?

It was actually in Copenhagen! We played at the fashion week after party. The gig went really smooth but both of us were really nervous.

What is it with you Swedes – so much musical talent in one country?

Everyone says it is because of the long winters, but we think that it is because of the musical history in Sweden. Big producers and songwriters today are from Sweden, which in the end inspires everyone to believe that you can make it.

You’ve played across the world at clubs and festivals, what is your best experience so far?

EDC Las Vegas without any doubts! Amazing crowd, atmosphere, and arrangement! Everything was awesome.


Is it difficult DJing with the ‘Cazzette’ tape heads on? Any stories?

No it’s pretty easy when you get used to it, they are just really hot if you wear them for a long time. 

During the set on EDC NYC, Seb passed out for 2 seconds when the mask was off! It was his first time…go figure.

Do you prefer to DJ or Produce? 

Both parts are equally important and fun. Making a track from scratch and then play it out on a festival and see the reaction, that feeling is amazing!

For the studio headz, what is your studio set up?

Adam A8X speakers, focuswrite saffire 2i2 soundcard, and m-audio midi keyboard! Nothing special.

Cazzette DJ

Strictly Cazzette is your debut compilation; did you enjoy putting it together?

Yes, it was really fun and exciting!  

How did you decide on the track list?

We just choose songs that we thought were good enough to be on there! We really wanted to put more classic tunes on the compilation, to have more variaton! 

You did 3 exclusive remixes for the compilation; tell us why you picked these particular tracks. (Sol Brothers Vs Kathy Brown, Ben Westbeech, Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor) 

These tracks are all house classics. We wanted to recreate them and make them more cazzetteish! The vocals was just a no brainer, really amazing and old school!

What tracks are you currently listening to?

Monsta – Holdin On (Skrillex & Nero remix)
Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing 
Seven Lions – Days To Come 

Who is on your wish list of people to work with? 

Kanye West
Sebastian Ingrosso

You will be releasing your debut album Eject next month, you must be excited about this release, what can we expect from it?

Yes we are super excited!! It’s going to be different from other albums from before! 

When you listen to any album out there nowadays, the album has certain theme, or genre. When we made this album we wanted to have a different theme and genre for every single track. The results is amazing and we hope people will love it as much as we do!

What would you like to be doing 5 years from now?

Keep doing what we are doing right now. Working with music and see the world!

Any final words…? 

You are awesome and thanks for having us! 

Strictly CAZZETTE Compilation is out now on 2xCD and Digital Download


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