Aziez Kassim Reports From ADE

Aziez Kassim Reports From ADE

Ron Caroll presents Chicago to the World at ADE

At this year’s ADE convention, Ron Caroll threw a party at Jimmy Woo with a massive line up: Kaskade, Norman Doray and Rebecca and Fiona just to name a few.
Me and my friend Thibault wanted to attend and gave a shot at the Strictly Rhythm contest on
Facebook.  We won and so attended with guestlist entry. We were very excited.
When we arrived, the night started slowly, people around were just having drinks at the bar then at 0:30 am the basement opened and we went downstairs.  To start the night there were Rebecca and Fiona, a very energetic DJ-duo from Sweden. From track one the crowd was already very excited and so were the DJs, jumping around in the DJ booth, it was very pleasant to see. After them French touch DJ and Producer Norman Doray took over. He started his set with this massive Daft Punk - One More Time bootleg by Arno Cost.  The crowd went crazy.

Noman Doray

During the night we met a lot of people all over Europe who came especially to see Kaskade, everyone was getting really excited. After an hour we saw Kaskade walking towards the DJ booth.   We walked straight over to him and started talking and took some pictures, he is a real nice guy and very cool to hang out with, and his music … just awesome.  He played a lot of great tracks starting with his own Eyes.

KaskadeKaskade,Thibault and Aziez

After a few tracks Rebecca and Fiona came back to the DJ booth and provided the vocals to Kaskade’s set.  It was the perfect mix to end this extraordinary night.
Thanks Strictly Rhythm!
Aziez Kassim & Thibault Krommenhoek

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