Fierce Angel is the latest music project from Mark Doyle creator of best selling dance brands Hed Kandi & Stereo Sushi.

After selling over 5 million compilations at Hed Kandi and storming the charts with 3 top ten commercial dance hits, Mark Doyle left the company to pursue his own venture. The new company was launched as Fierce Angel with a Remit to only release the finest and fiercest electronic music.

The brand encompasses a record label, an events company that performs all over the world and a radio show that is boradcast in over 25 countries.

Fierce Angel have released 22 compilations on CD so far, each one featuring a personal selection of tracks from Mark Doyle and stunning artwork. The digital label has grown to include 25 artist EP's and numerous digital compilations. All releases come with a full promotional package across dance media and social networks.

In 2011 Fierce Angel took another fabulous step forward with a new partnership deal with the legendary Strictly Rhythm. This new partnership will see the Fierce Angel digital compilations available worldwide for the first time ever and a host of new artist projects.


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