Sondos is a sound and a feeling...

Sondos is a sound and a feeling. It’s the tribal-tinged house music imprint that’s been spear-headed by Erick Morillo since its inception back in 2001, the year that Thick Dick, HCCR, Jose Nunez, Jaimy and Kenny D and Organized Noize set fire to clubs worldwide with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, ‘Suck My Clock’, ‘Harmonizer’, ‘Keep On Touching Me’ and ‘I Am The Drum’ respectively. It’s a label that Morillo would originally describe as “dark, dirty, funky and chunky” and a sound that’s perfectly suited for the dance-floor at 4AM, the point when the lights goes down and the temperature goes up. It’s the sound of Morillo, Murk and Behrouz in the early hours of the morning in Miami; it’s also the home of newer names like Lee Kalt and Mark Alston, Rob Marmot & Juan Kidd and Huggy and Dean Newton rubbing shoulders with legends like Cevin Fisher, who informed us that ‘We’re The Lucky Ones’. Feel those drums indeed.

Sondos, in case you didn’t realize, is back, back, back. And if you haven’t been paying attention – and why not?! – You should be aware that the now-digital label has 70 releases under its belt, including the superlative ‘Whatever Happened To That Sound’ by Jose Nunez and Pedro Pons. Of late, Subliminal heroes Harry and Jose have returned to Sondos quite frequently, working together on the chilling ‘Voodoo Sex’, with Jose Nunez and Ferni Dominguez together on the brilliant ‘Believers’ and Sebjack and Richard Grey’s booming update of ‘Pump Up The Jam’ just three of the most recent highlights. And we can't forget the sublime, Subliminal output from the fast-rising Antranig of late. 'Shake That Ass' and 'I Won't Stop Rocking' are just two of the key tracks to check from this super-talented NYC DJ/producer, who has just remixed 'Sondos Essentials' for the label. House music is a feeling and that feeling doesn’t pound much harder than Sondos.


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