Bambossa is back!

BAMBOSSA IS BACK! Harry Romero on the return of those raw house beats.

Louie Vega checking out Loco Dice, Sneak DJing with Ricardo Villalobos and Todd Terry spotted on his way into Cocoon – whatever way you look at it, house music is back and the original ambassadors are out in force to see their techno peers in action. Little wonder, then, that Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero has chosen this moment to re-launch his infamous Bambossa label into the market. “The minimal dudes are playing tracky house now!” he laughs, shaking his head incredulously. “It’s come around. And I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing and hearing.”

Longtime fans of Romero will know that it’s an imprint and an outlet for his own home-grown productions, which veer from the hypno-house classic ‘What Happened’ to DC10/Pacha classics “Tania’ and ‘Night @ The Black’. “For me, Bambossa has always been an outlet for underground, tracky, jazzy experimental house,” he says. “It’s been around for ten years – our first release was in 2000! – but we never had a mission statement and we never put out a lot of music. It was more a case of ‘do I like it?’ and if I do, ‘do want to keep it?”

Harry says he has plans to re-release ‘Tania’ in 2011, but aside from a timely update for the track, the rest of the releases will be brand new. So look out for ‘Is This Time Goodbye?’ with soul star Trey Lorenz, ‘Before You Fall’ (which features has a pure Sneak/Derrick Carter vibe and a black preacher vocal), ‘Conquista’ (“that’s NYC in the mid 90s with a vocal Latin sample!” according to Harry) and ‘Tribute To Vagabundos’ which is of course Harry’s musical ode to Pacha Ibiza’s hottest new resident Luciano. “Once again, everything is house and the music we make is sexy and raw,” say Harry. And who are we to argue with Choo Choo?

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