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Warpath Makin' Trax EP SR12278 17/08/1994  
The Untouchables Just Da Way U Want SR12279 24/08/1994  
Virtual Soul Luvin' SR12280 24/08/1994  
L.S.U. feat. C.J. I Just Wanna Be Free SR12281 31/08/1994  
The Real Deal Saturday Night Anthem SR12282 31/08/1994  
Roy Davis presents Essence Of Life SR12283 07/09/1994  
Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman Can You Feel It? SR12284 19/09/1994  
DJ EFX presents Disco Dancin' SR12285 07/09/1994  
George Washington pres. The Presidents Men Taste The Poison SR12286 14/09/1994  
The Jungle Men Wine Your Waist SR12287 21/09/1994  
Safar Raheem SR12288 14/09/1994  
Ecstasy Boys Holy Spirit Dance SR12289 28/09/1994  
The Original Creators Roys' Revenge SR12290 28/09/1994  
Reality Wanna Get Busy SR12291 05/10/1994  
Turnstyle Movements In Heat SR12292 12/10/1994  
The 2nd Opinion Tribal Children SR12293 12/10/1994  
The A.N.M. Project Into The Dark SR12294 05/10/1994  
Armand Van Helden Witch Doktor SR12295 19/10/1994  
Armand Van Helden Witch Doktor SR12295DI 29/01/2007 view
Zound Of 2 Zamba SR12297 26/10/1994  
Chronic Sounds Evelins' Basement SR12298 26/10/1994  
Chronic Sounds Evelin's Basement SR12298D1 14/05/2007 view
Caucasian Boy Goin' Clear SR12299 02/11/1994  
The Quick Noahs' Ark SR12300 02/11/1994  
Rhythm & Co. Stay With Me SR12301 09/11/1994  
Motion Lotion Somethin' Old School SR12302 09/11/1994  
Full Swing I Need To See You Soon SR12303 16/11/1994  
Full Swing I Need To See You Soon SR12303D1 21/05/2007 view
George Morel A Touch Of Jazz SR12304 16/11/1994  
Inner Souls Tearin' Me Apart SR12305 23/11/1994  
Def Touch Freak It/Work It SR12306 23/11/1994  
David Alvarado pres. Bombagrooves Motions SR12307 30/11/1994  
R.B.M. feat. A Freakin' Rican I Got U Now SR12308 30/11/1994  
Joe T. pres. Space Riders Half Moon Pilot SR12309 07/12/1994  
R.A.W. Higher (Feel It) SR12310 23/01/1995  
Dan Curtin pres. Alive SR12311 07/12/1994  

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