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Libido Give It Up SR12213 15/12/1993  
Storm & Herman Freak You Down SR12214 15/12/1993  
RAW (Erick Morillo Co-production) Asuca SR12215D1 23/04/2007 view
Full Swing Choices SR12216D1 05/03/2007 view
Keita Ms. KnowItAll SR12217 12/01/1994  
The Tribe Go-San-Do SR12218 12/01/1994  
Rhythm Masters Hold Me Back SR12219 19/01/1994  
Dreddmon Work It SR12220 19/01/1994  
George Morel Morel's Grooves 4 SR122200D1 29/01/2007 view
Earl Bennett So Glad (I Found You) SR12221 26/01/1994  
Low End Theory Be Gone Wit Yoself SR12222 26/01/1994  
Killa Green Budds Keep Slippin’ SR12223D1 12/03/2007 view
Uzuri U Got The Love SR12224 02/02/1994  
R.B.M. Latin Flavor SR12225 09/02/1994  
Rhyhtm Masters Doo-Day SR12226 09/02/1994  
M & M So Deep, So Good SR12227 16/02/1994  
Smooth Touch Come And Take A Trip SR12228 23/02/1994  
Smooth Touch feat. Althea McQueen Come and Take a Trip SR12228D1 21/05/2007 view
The Knightmen Misty Waters SR12229 16/02/1994  
The Believers presents Heather Wildman Gotta Keep Holding On SR12230 23/02/1994  
River Ocean Feat. India (Louie Vega) Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (House Nation Mix) SR12231D 05/02/2007 view
Lil Mo Yin Yang (Louie Vega & Erick Morillo) Reach SR12232DI 29/01/2007 view
Logic Blues 4 You SR12232DI 19/02/2007 view
Erick Morillo Dancin SR12233D1 29/01/2007 view
Phuture Spirit SR12234 02/03/1994  
Phuture Spirit SR12234D 15/10/2007 view
South Street Player Stop Using People SR12235 09/03/1994  
U.P.I. Without Love SR12236 09/03/1994  
House Crash Volume 1 Give Me Your Lovin' SR12237 23/03/1994  
2 Direct Get Down SR12238 23/03/1994  
George Morel I Feel It SR12239 30/03/1994  
George Morel Morel's Grooves 5 SR12239D1 26/02/2007 view
The Ministry Tribal Trance SR12240 06/04/1994  
Circle Children (Armand van Helden) Zulu SR12241D1 12/03/2007 view
The 2nd Opinion A Tracky Hold SR12242 13/04/1994  
R.B.M. feat. "El Barrio Bob" Yo Shorty SR12243 13/04/1994  

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