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Frontline Symphony Reach Out SR12180 25/08/1993  
Instrum Wine SR12181 02/09/1993  
George Morel Morels' Grooves (Honey) Part 3 Down To The Waistline SR12182 25/08/1993  
Brothers In the Struggle Prayin' SR12183 01/09/1993  
Drill Impulse I Wantcha SR12184 08/09/1993  
Thee Housecat Life SR12185 08/09/1993  
Club Vibes Kick It SR12186 15/09/1993  
E & R Do Me SR12187 15/09/1993  
K.C.Y.C. I'm Not Dreaming SR12188 22/09/1993  
Storm & Herman Digital Moon Dancers SR12189 22/09/1995  
Electric Voodoo In The World Of Trance SR12190 29/09/1993  
House Of Swing The Runaway SR12191 29/09/1993  
Reel 2 Real I Like To Move It SR12192D1 05/02/2007 view
Venus Aphtermath SR12193 06/10/1993  
Politix Of Dancin' Release SR12194 13/10/1993  
Rhythm Masters Spanish Ritual SR12195 20/10/1993  
Rhythm Masters Spanish Ritual SR12195D1 14/05/2007 view
The Believers (Roy Davis Jr.) Who Dares To Believe In Me? SR12196D1 29/01/2007 view
IZE & LP Sex Wanting SR12197 20/10/1993  
Platinum Crew Getting Me Hot SR12198 27/10/1993  
D.J. Pierre Give Me What I Want SR12199 27/10/1993  
George Morel Talk To Me SR12200 10/11/1993  
Caucasian Boy Honey Dip / Northern Lights SR12201D1 05/03/2007 view
Aztec Jungle Go With The Tempo SR12202 03/11/1993  
Circle Children Indonesia SR12203 10/11/1993  
Circle Children (Armand van Helden) Indonesia SR12203D1 14/05/2007 view
The Untouchables Go Bah (Los Africanos) SR12204 17/11/1993  
The Untouchables (Kenny Dope) Go Bah! (Los Africanos) SR12204D1 14/05/2007 view
The Funhouse You Can't Hold Back SR12205 19/11/1993  
The Stickmen Da Real Shit SR12206 24/11/1993  
Scotty Deep feat. Soul Searchin' SR12207 24/11/1993  
House 2 House Do 4 Me SR12208 01/12/1993  
4 Dolo Jungle Bass SR12209 01/12/1993  
Capone Nubop SR12210 08/12/1993  
Keman Rock SR12211 08/12/1993  
Smooth Touch Raise Your Hands SR12212 15/12/1993  

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