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George Morel I Found It SR12148 21/04/1993  
Scram Jump & Sing SR12149 14/04/1993  
S.N.H. Foundation Find A Way SR12150 21/04/1993  
Power Movement Feel It SR12151 14/04/1993  
Reel 2 Real Go On Move [remix] SR12152 12/05/1993  
The Sleepwalkers New Thang SR12153 28/04/1993  
Odyssey Feel My Love SR12154 05/05/1993  
Audio Clash Live And Die SR12155 05/05/1993  
Audio Clash Live And Die SR12155D1 09/04/2007 view
Da Buddaheads feat. Pablo Toto Mc ToTo SR12156 26/05/1993  
Joint Venture Sound Blaster SR12157 26/05/1993  
D-Tune Don't Let Go SR12158 19/05/1993  
Roy Davis Project Volume 2 I Got The Music SR12159 02/06/1993  
B.O.P. feat. Earl Bennett Alright SR12160 09/06/1993  
Kitchen Sync Serious Work SR12161 16/06/1993  
Sound Advice feat. Keith Thompson Love And Understanding SR12162 16/06/1993  
Jack -n- Jill You Make Me Feel SR12163 23/06/1993  
Jack & Jill You Make Me Feel (Mighty Fierce) SR12163DW 10/12/2007 view
Nicole Lamons I Think You're Gonna SR12164 07/07/1993  
I-Dentify Flute Style SR12165 23/06/1993  
Nu Intensity Danger For Dance SR12166 30/06/1993  
S.N.H. Foundation Feelin' Free SR12167 14/07/1993  
Unity Work It Out SR12168 30/06/1993  
Hardrive Just Believe SR12169D 29/01/2007 view
U.P.I. Better Love SR12170 07/07/1993  
Groove Patrol Need Your Love SR12171 14/07/1993  
Reality Yolanda SR12172 18/08/1993  
Deep Soul The Rythmz SR12173 28/07/1993  
K.C.Y.C. Under Control SR12174 21/07/1993  
K.C.Y.C (Kerri Chandler) Under Control SR12174D1 21/05/2007 view
Live IV Life Do U Know? SR12175 28/07/1993  
Banji Boys Love Thang SR12176 04/08/1993  
Smooth Touch (Erick Morillo) House Of Love SR12177D1 12/03/2007 view
Mood Life Needs (Not Wants) SR12178 11/08/1993  
Mood Life (Marshall Jefferson & Ce Ce Rogers) Needs (Not Wants) SR12178D1 02/04/2007 view
South St Player Who Keeps Changin Your Mind? SR12179D 29/01/2007 view

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