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S.R. - 1 Da Rhythm SR01283 15/04/1992  
Black Orchid Rockin' Rhythm SR01284 22/04/1992  
The Motion Movement Step Down SR01285 29/04/1992  
George Morel Morel's Grooves Get On Down And Party SR01286 08/05/1992  
Wizdom Watcha Want SR01287 13/05/1992  
Aly-us Follow Me SR01288 20/05/1992  
Phortune Ramsey's Jazz SR01289 27/05/1992  
Politix Of Dancing Swirls SR01290 05/06/1992  
Scram Lead Me SR01291 12/06/1992  
World Premiere Try SR01292 19/06/1992  
Chicago Syndicate Move Your Body SR01294 01/07/1992  
Insight featuring Fantasy SR01295 08/07/1992  
TakeOne Say My Name SR01296 15/07/1992  
Photon Inc. Give A Little Love SR01297 22/07/1992  
Djaimin' Give You SR01298 29/07/1992  
LaVette Your Love SR01299 05/08/1992  
Sir James Special SR1203 26/02/2007 view
Logic The Warning SR1207D1 09/04/2007 view
Sole Fusion (Louie Vega) We Can Make It SR12100D1 26/02/2007 view
Jack -n-Jill Go Miss Thing SR12101 12/08/1992  
Roy Davis Project Midnight Scat SR12102 19/08/1992  
Code 718 (Danny Tenaglia) Equinox SR12103D1 29/01/2007 view
Reel 2 Real The New Anthem SR12104D1 05/03/2007 view
Groove Patrol Lost In The Groove SR12105 09/09/1992  
DJ Pierre Muzik SR12106D1 05/03/2007 view
Jump -n- Jazz Cafe featuring Bluejean I'm Free SR12107 23/09/1992  
Mecca It's Time To Jam SR12108 30/09/1992  
Ace I'm Happy SR12109 07/10/1992  
DV8 C'mon SR12110 14/10/1992  
DV8 C'Mon SR12110D1 21/05/2007 view
Bass Hit with Dreamgirl Veee The Beat That Makes SR12111 21/10/1992  
Bass Hitt With Dreamgirl Vee The Beat That Makes U Move (The Rhythm Hype Mix) SR12111D1 09/04/2007 view
George Morel On One SR12112 28/10/1992  
Mood Vibes EP The Mood Vibe SR12113 04/11/1992  
Darkman Annihilating Rhythm SR12114 11/11/1992  
Darkman Annihilating Rhythm SR12114DW 29/10/2007 view

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