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Ghetto Stylez Hands Up (What?) SR12549 21/08/1998  
Ultraworld Life After Death / Northerm Piano SR1254D1 05/03/2007 view
Moon Life Dancing In The Spirit SR12550 31/07/1998  
Cockfight Just Can't Stop SR12551 14/08/1998  
Barbara Tucker Everybody Dance SR12552 27/07/1998  
Wamdue Project Program Yourself EP SR12553 25/09/1998  
95 North pres. Laura Harris Bring Back The Love SR12554 18/09/1998  
Ultra Nate New Kind Of Medicine SR12555 20/11/1998  
Ultra Nate New Kind Of Medicine SR12555-1D1 23/04/2007 view
Chelsea 909 Angel SR12556 30/10/1998  
E-Smoove featuring Michael White Be With You SR12557 04/12/1998  
Groove Armada Get Down SR12557 02/06/2008 view
Joe Montana presents… In The Beginning SR12558 25/11/1998  
MFON presents Disco Dance SR12559 11/12/1998  
Reality Check Fantasy SR12560 22/01/1999  
Amare Waterfalls SR12561 26/02/1999  
Amare Waterfalls SR12561CD 21/03/1999  
Planet Soul featuring J Cee Music Is My Life SR12562 16/04/1999  
Phunkie Souls (Richard F) Tha Music SR12564D1 29/01/2007 view
Disko Parade Hands Together SR12565 12/03/1999  
Edzy Do It Til You Burn SR12566 19/03/1999  
Whiplash & Turner presents Buddah Khan Buddah Khan's Theme SR12567 21/05/1999  
Masterbuilders feat. Philip Ramirez Midnight Lady SR12568 30/04/1999  
Hardrive Never Forget (When You Touch Me) SR12569DI 05/02/2007 view
Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden What You Need SR12570 22/06/1999  
Powerhouse featuring Duane Harden What You Need SR12570CD 14/05/1999  
Sub-Sonic with Angie Brown All I Want SR12571 28/05/1999  
Love Journey featuring Latanza Waters So Glad SR12572 11/06/1999  
Love Journey feat. Latanza Waters So Glad SR12572DW 17/12/2007 view
Phunkie Souls Feel Alright Babe SR12573 03/09/1999  
Phunkie Souls (Richard F) Feel Alright Babe SR12573DW 29/10/2007 view
Flavio Rago presents CafĂ© Society We Got Love SR12574 18/06/1999  
Infinity feat. Eddie Ganz For Your Love SR12575 16/07/1999  
Michael Moog That Sound SR12576D 29/01/2007 view
New Vision Just Me And You SR12577 24/01/2000  
New Vision Just Me And You SR12577CD 07/12/1999  

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