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Juice Box I Like / Dancing in Outer Space / Get Down / Nite Flyte SR12515 05/09/1997  
S' n S' YDW SR12516 01/08/1997  
Whitebird Words That You Say SR12517 21/10/1997  
Visual Bring You Love SR12518 11/07/1997  
Photon Inc Generate Power SR1251D1 29/01/2007 view
Black Magic Let It Go (Unreleased Mixes) SR12520 25/07/1997  
Praxis Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar) SR12521 21/10/1997  
The Funk Junkeez Got Funk? SR12522 01/10/1997  
Black Magic Dance (Do That Thing) SR12523 24/10/1997  
Simone My Family Depends On Me SR12524 31/10/1997  
Ira Levi We Came To Work It Out SR12525 17/10/1997  
Morel, Inc. Are You Ready To Play The Game? SR12526 14/11/1997  
Photon, Inc. Everybody Freedom SR12527 21/11/1997  
Ultra Nate Free (Remixes) SR12528 07/11/1997  
Kings of Tomorrow Set My Spirit Free SR12529D 05/02/2007 view
House 2 House I Need Your Love SR1252D1 16/04/2007 view
Sun God Where/ Clinton Park SR12530 12/12/1997  
DiVine Soul Shake That Ass !! SR12531 16/01/1998  
E-Breed Up Yours SR12532 23/01/1998  
BB Stone & DJ Digit Feel The Vibe SR12533 06/02/1998  
Ultra Nate Found a Cure SR12534R 16/04/2007 view
J. Cee What You Do SR12535 01/05/1998  
Paper Back Player Dancin SR12536 06/03/1998  
Kimani High On Love SR12537 20/03/1998  
Wamdue Where Do We Go? SR12538 27/03/1998  
The Don (DJ Pierre) The Horn Song SR12539D 05/02/2007 view
Beatboxx Feat. Chazzie (Roger Sanchez production) Keep On Jumpin’ SR1253D1 12/03/2007 view
J.D. Braithwaite Use Me SR12540 13/03/1998  
Caribbean Motion Featuring Candela Latinos SR12541 19/06/1998  
Ultra Nate Found a Cure (Part 2) SR12542D1 16/04/2007 view
O.S.O.T.A. Sunny's Theme SR12543 05/06/1998  
The Funk Junkeez Got Funk?(Remixes) SR12544 01/10/1997  
Bleu, Inc. You Can't Take Me SR12545 03/07/1998  
Mass Syndicate feat. Su Su Bobien You Don't Know SR12546 07/10/1998  
System 3 Feel It (You Get What You Deserve) SR12547 26/06/1998  
Ultra Nate Found A Cure (Remixes) SR12548 12/06/1998  

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