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Morel Inc. feat Ce Ce Rogers Hollar (Throw Up Your Hands) SR12450 14/06/1996  
Morel's Journey Dancing SR12451 24/05/1996  
Saskatchewan Got the Feeling (Deep Down) SR12452 07/06/1996  
Curious George feat. Leo Colon (A George Morel Production) Sing Alone With Me Now SR12453 07/06/1996  
Chupacabra Aw Yeah SR12454 14/06/1996  
Roger S. Get Hi SR12455 21/06/1996  
Danell Dixon Yeah-Yeah!! SR12456 21/06/1996  
Disco Fuhrer Si - Si - Bon SR12457 28/06/1996  
This Is Krimp EP This Is House SR12458 28/06/1996  
Goldfinger Pres. How Low Can You Go SR12459 05/07/1996  
The Presta Project Chapter 3 Oomda Limpa SR12460 05/07/1996  
The Wamdue Project The Deep EP SR12461 12/07/1996  
Nasty Morel (A George Morel Prod.) Feel It, Work It, Touch It/Free SR12462 02/08/1996  
Reel 2 Real Are You Ready For Some More? [remixes] SR12463 09/07/1996  
Deja Whatcha Gonna Do? SR12464 26/07/1996  
Morel's Divas All You Boys And Girls SR12465 12/07/1996  
Victor "Overdose" Sanchez pres. Chronik Zone feat. Frankie C. Passing Thru Love SR12466 02/08/1996  
Subspecies From Da East SR12467 02/08/1996  
Ira Levi Live Your Life (You'll See) SR12468 09/08/1996  
Paperback Player Hands Up High SR12469 16/08/1996  
Physique Superman SR12470 23/08/1996  
Phunky Sounds Get On The Floor SR12471 23/08/1996  
El Mariachi Cuba SR12472 06/09/1996  
Blunt Funkers Move Around SR12473 23/08/1996  
Atmosphere Loving Higher SR12474 06/09/1996  
Reel 2 Real Jazz It Up SR12475 04/10/1996  
Reel 2 Real Jazz It Up SR12475D1 14/05/2007 view
Da Mongoloids Spark Da Meth SR12476 13/09/1996  
Da Mongoloids Spark Da Meth SR12476D1 21/05/2007 view
DJ Sneak Keep On Groovin' SR12477D1 02/04/2007 view
Jinxed Don't Got Time SR12478 20/09/1996  
Binocular One Expression SR12479 27/09/1996  
Total Capacity Celebrate SR1247D1 14/05/2007 view
Planet Soul Look Into My Eyes SR12480 15/10/1996  
Backroom Feat. Cheri Williams Now You Got It SR12481 22/11/1996  
The Presta Project The Foreplay EP SR12482 01/11/1996  

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